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Every summer, you constantly turn to your air conditioner to provide a comfortable environment.

For over twelve years, Freedom has been providing a wide range of central air conditioning solutions to homes from Huntsville to Birmingham to Tuscaloosa, bringing relief from the scorching Alabama heat.

We know that every building is unique, and your specific cooling needs vary by the home’s size, shape and occupancy. The experts at Freedom pride themselves in meeting the comfort needs of all of our customers, so we bring you the very best service possible on every job, no matter how big or small.

Systems We Service

  • Forced Air Systems
  • Gas Furnace AC
  • Heat Pump Systems
  • Split Air Systems
  • Zoned AC Systems
You all did an awesome job yesterday.
The a/c has kept a steady 72 degrees all day & it feels wonderful!
We really appreciate all the hard work everyone put in to getting everything up and running on such a hot day.
Thank you all!
Carol T.

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Providing AC Cooling Installation, Repair and Maintenance services from Huntsville to Birmingham to Tuscaloosa.

On all cooling models and types, Freedom will perform:

When your air conditioner performs poorly or the unit is over ten years old, it’s time to start thinking about replacement. With recent advancements in efficiency and performance, your new air conditioning unit could pay for itself in just a few years over an old one.

The techs at Freedom Heating and Cooling are experts at identifying problems and providing a cost-effective repair solution to any issue. You can always expect a thorough examination of your cooling equipment to help us tailor a system with maximum efficiency.

Perhaps the best defense against rising utilities and costly repairs is an investment in routine air conditioning maintenance. A tune up from Freedom will also involve a complete home assessment, to help tailor your air conditioning system to meet your individual climate control needs.


Northern Alabama’s Cooling Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

Freedom’s Heating & Air Conditioning Service in Alabama offers full service tune-ups, repair and replacement options to ensure your home stays comfortable all year round. Our factory-trained technicians are experts in tuning up or repairing your cooling system to meet your comfort needs. Freedom’s pricing will never leave you surprised by a bill. Our Northern Alabama HVAC company also guarantees all of our air conditioning work with a one-year parts and labor warranty for your peace of mind. Combining our expertise and experienced workmanship with top quality products and parts, we’re sure that we can keep your family comfortable and happy all summer long!

The production of R22, otherwise known as Freon, has been phased out over the last 10 years due to its damage to the environment. Just one R22 compound that leaks into the air will destroy approximately 10,000 oxygen atoms. Without any production of R22, the only available freon is whatever can be recovered from old systems and reused. That process, which is labor intensive, adds a lot of cost to Freon.

Common problems can vary from simple to complex. Simple items are safety switches that shut off power, dead thermostat batteries and a clogged air filter. Really dirty and restrictive filters affect your AC more than you might think. Complex items involve dangerous electrical power issues and refrigerant leaks. These require special tools to correctly repair.

High power bills are the biggest sign. But long before the bill comes in, you will probably notice your family constantly adjusting and cranking the thermostat down to the sixties looking for comfort.

New systems are far more efficient than old ones, cutting energy usage by up to 30-50%. Those energy savings will offset a lot of the cost of a new system.

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