Don’t Suffer With A Dying AC Unit Any Longer!

It’s another sweltering day in the hot state of Alabama. Your old air conditioning unit is running on its last leg. Strange sounds and fluctuations in temperature leave you wondering if it will break down at any moment. Chances are if these symptoms are occurring and your system is 10 years old or more, you could soon be stuck with a broken AC unit and a home without cool air.

An Old AC Unit May Be Draining Your Finances

Your old AC system may be perpetually running inefficiently or there may be a point that it becomes financially ineffective to keep paying for repairs over and over again. It may be time to replace your old unit with a more efficient one. If your AC unit seems to be near the end of its life, don’t hesitate, you don’t want to keep spending on unnecessarily high energy bills when you could invest in a new unit, reducing your energy consumption and costs.

Modern air conditioning units are by nature built to be highly efficient, so installing a new one will pay for itself in a few years over. Freedom is more than capable to give you expert advice PLUS quick and friendly installation service. Visit our HVAC Products page to learn about our high-quality air conditioning units.

Freedom Heating and Cooling installs multiple types of AC systems including:

We guarantee our all of our air conditioning work with a 1-year warranty for parts and labor so you can be worry-free. Call us today at Call today (205) 444-4444 to have a new air conditioning unit installed in your home. Freedom technicians will provide the right new unit to fit your home’s comfort needs.

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There are two instances in which AC replacement is a good idea: when your system demands it, and when you plan it. However, it’s typically more expensive when you must do something quickly. Manufacturers usually raise their prices and remove incentives like rebates, discounts, or interest rate specials around May to June as demand picks up.

There are many great brands, particularly the ones made in America. Many companies have moved to Mexico, India or China. But the truly great brand is the local rep who must do his job right or else the manufacturer may not honor any warranty. Improper installation and duct sizing causes most problems we see.

At Freedom, we see people spend as much as $30k for top of the line units with duct systems, whisper-quiet comfort and air pollution solutions. Some spend as little as $5 – $6k. However, the majority spend anywhere from $8k – $12k. 

One very important consideration is if you want an all-in-one solution so you are not piecing parts together for the next 10 years, or a pay-as-you-go model, which ends up costing more.