Conclusion to Carbon Monoxide Detectors Series

Nothing is more dangerous than an enemy that cannot be seen. Carbon monoxide and other gasses are responsible for many deaths in America. The use of a detector and alarm is important for the overall health and safety of home, property and your loved ones.

This eBook is intended to be a guide for working through the myriad of offerings by retailers. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors vary in terms of warranties, method of detection, design, and method of alarm. The price varies from retailer to retailer. It appears that most of the top ten detectors are made by either Kidde or First Alert with some exceptions here and there.  and also offer CO alarms, but the variety is so extensive, it is beyond the scope of this eBook to evaluate them all. The reader is encouraged to navigate to these sites to learn first-hand which ones might be suitable for your project.

Some things to remember are; carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and highly toxic. Smoke inhalation happens faster than you think and fire burns fast in 21st century homes. Methane and propane are highly flammable and when they combust, the impact is instantaneous.

Choose the correct and most appropriate carbon monoxide detector for your situation and don’t measure your decision strictly based on cost. There are other considerations such as warranty, length of life of the product, method of detection, and type of alarm offered. Choose an alarm that your entire family can respond to effectively.

After all is said and done, protecting the life of the one’s you love or the business you have invested your life in is all that really matters. Carbon monoxide detectors can help you do that, and do it well.