The Freedom Comfort Club (FCC) Membership is different from a tune up.  The tune-up consists of a one time appointment.  It does not come with the amenities of the FCC membership. Manufacturers recommend you have your unit serviced every six months to prevent your system from breaking down at the most inconvenient time.  This is why we offer our services to you in a package deal.  Having your system serviced improves the efficiency and life of your heating and cooling unit.

The Comfort Club Membership is a two tune up and cleanings per year agreement.  You will receive an additional 20 percent discount on parts and labor if any repairs are needed. All Diagnostic Calls (even emergency calls) will receive a $50 discount from our current $89 price (without Maintenance agreement.)  You will never have to wonder if  you will find some one to help you if you have a membership.  It places you in a top priority status with Freedom Heating and Cooling.  Your agreement is transferable.  So if you move, be assured that it will follow you.

So feel comfortable knowing that we are here to help. You will not be charged any weekend or overtime additional charges with this service agreement.  There is 24 hour emergency and weekend service at your fingertips, just dial 205-444-4444.  Contact me if you are interested in enrolling.



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