Old wise tale or old wivestale (from www.yahoo.com …. something that a lot of people once believed but has since been exposed as a myth.) says to “get three bids” before you buy anything!  In these busy times, people can’t spend the time they used to waiting on a HVAC contractor to fit them in, or worse, not even show up for an appointment.

But, why are you getting three bids?  So you are not being taken advantage of and get what you need and want! Yes.  The modern day information age has a better solution.

  • Research and find the best company
  • Get a whole house energy audit and heat load analysis and a complete plan
  • Have one company, that you trust because of their online reviews, prepare at least 3 choices to solve your problem.  An ultimate package (if comfort and allergy protection was the only concerns), a band aid solution (money or price is the only concern), and a compromise package which blends the important items from both packages..

Any of these three choices will be far greater than you current HVAC system.  Choices are the future of all businesses.

If you are currently getting 3 bids from any of our competitors, discover a better more professional way by calling me at Freedom Heating and Cooling at 205-444-4444



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