My heat is not working, can you light my furnace pilot ? This question often arises once the seasons change to cooler weather. Many clients still think that their furnace operates with a pilot light and it needs to be lit for heat.

First, most modern furnaces within the last decade or so, do not use a pilot light. Your furnace most likely uses an electronic ignition system, in which a hot surface igniter would be the main component of starting your gas furnace. The hot surface igniter is very similar to the push button on your gas grill, but does not need to be started manually by yourself or a technician. It all works through normal operations of the furnace now.

There are a number of reasons the pilot can go out. We see in many cases where rust from the furnace falls in the port and puts out the flame. Wind often puts out the flame in a natural draft furnaces as well. But, if you are so lucky that the pilot does not go out, you could only imagine the cost of the flame running, not needed during the summer months? Very costly. The average lifespan of a furnace is somewhere between 12-15 years old, but if your furnace uses a pilot light we suggest looking at the option of replacing the equipment, because of age and inefficiency.



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