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News Alert: R-22 pricing and availability issues continue to increase…

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News Alert: R-22 pricing and availability issues continue to increase…

Another Great Article From Bill White at Refrigerant Solutions.  R22 pricing is having an impact on our clients.  Share this with anyone you know that has r22 in their AC or heat pump as this could be a problem for them soon.

If you are my age you will remember this very well…an old vinyl record with a scratch on it playing on a turntable that just keeps playing the same thing over and over again.  It always resulted in the same thing…you had to throw the record away because it had become unplayable.

We are rapidly reaching that same situation in regard to R-22.  Yet another price increase on R-22 is scheduled for Monday morning of next week.  At this point, it really doesn’t matter much what the percentage is, because this price increase is simply “the most recent one”.  If I am not mistaken, this is at least the third increase this year, and I will not be surprised if there are not more before the end of the year.  In a nutshell, the predictions of higher prices and declining availability are now well established as becoming reality.

Many of you have enjoyed the lower prices for R-22 we have made available to you over the summer.  We have built our business upon being able to offer you these type savings, and our promise is that we will continue to provide you these type savings in the future.  But, to be able to do this, we need your recovered R-22.  When you recover R-22 and keep it separate from your other recovered refrigerants, we are able to reclaim and clean it and make it available to you at significantly lower cost.  However, when we don’t have your recovered R-22, these savings cannot be realized.

Please note there is NO PRICE INCREASE BEING ANNOUNCED ON RECOVERED AND RECLAIMED R-22.  Our programs and pricing will continue to be exactly what they have been prior to the industry increase announced for next Monday.  We have promised you savings, and will continue to make them available for your recovered R-22.  With “virgin” and “reclaimed” R-22 both required to meet exactly the same EPA mandated standard of 99.5% purity, there  is absolutely no difference between the two…other than what you pay for it.

Help us help you…let us know if you have recovered refrigerant we need to pick up from you.  We provide free pickup and also provide you with new recovery canisters at no charge.  And, upon the reclamation and cleaning process being completed, have it back to you at the pricing you have come to expect from Refrigerant Solutions, Inc., including providing you with the records of your recovered refrigerant turned in to us that keep you EPA compliant.

This price increase announcement is also a good time to recommend implementing a managed process for moving entirely away from R-22, other than continuing to follow EPA mandated recovery and reclamation practices.  With R-421a we can provide you with an alternative refrigerant that delivers practically identical performance and operating characteristics to that of R-22, but at a cost far below that of new or even reclaimed R-22.  No other alternative refrigerant, such as Mo99, R-407c, or R422d, duplicates R-22 better than R-421a, and we can help you establish and manage a proactive process of incorporating R-421a into your future business plans.

As always, thank you for your business!


Reprinted with Permission from Bill White of Refrigerant Solutions, Inc.


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