Space heaters are seen in many, many homes. They give consumers the start of comfort but at low price, or is it?  Space heaters can be electric or gas fired to produce heat. Electric heater are the most common.

Let’s examine the issues with space heaters.

Cost: Electric Space Heaters use very high electric current to heat the wires and then blow air across to warm the air. Electric heat is very costly. A typical 6kbtu(which us only enough for a small room) could cost about a quarter per hour it operates or between $100-$150 per month. This is a lot compared to a central heat system for the whole house would only use about the same $150 to heat a complete home. Anyone with 2 space heaters is spending more to run these than a new system and the utility charges, especially in Birmingham Alabama.

Safety: Space heaters can help warm a small area or one person but are a leading cause of house fires. There are requirements to keep objects 3 to 6 feet away from the unit (check manufacturer for exact recommendation). This could even mean the carpet on the floor. Space heaters are only safe in large open rooms but are only designed to warm small areas. This makes the design and application of space heaters to not be a match. Other problems with space heater is it could cause an electric fire in the circuit in the house.

Before you put your family at risk, call me for a full analysis of a central whole home heating system.



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