Many new clients call in to ask about our precision AC tune up and preventative maintenance programs.  We often here the question,

“If my system is not running, not cooling or not heating,
will the tune up get the HVAC system running again?”

Usually, NO!  Our precision tune ups are designed for systems that are functioning.  Just think of your car for example. When you schedule a oil change for your car, you normally are able to drive it in. If you already know your car needs a complete engine overhaul, a tune up on the engine will not bring it back to life.  The same is true for your air conditioning system.

A complete system (HVAC) tune up is designed to restore efficiency and extend the life of your system. Our precision tune up includes a 34 critical system point checklist.  There is a sequence of operations that technicians will follow.  The furnace, heat pump or ac must be running to perform the maintenance, the AC tune up and the HVAC system checklist.  Of course, we will clean the coils, tighten wires, lubricate motors, clean drains and many other items to extend the life of your system.  If your system is not running, you may have some issues that would not be addressed during a precision cleaning. If your system isn’t satisfying your comfort level in the summer or winter, you may need a more in depth system diagnosis.

AC Tune Up Checklist

AC Tune Up Checklist

Freedom Heating and Cooling has two classes of service technicians that handle this type of work, maintenance technicians and service technicians. We take pride in being honest with our service and ask our clients to be complete in describing their systems when scheduling an appointment. We want to make sure we get the right technician on your job to take care of any of your home comfort needs.  Our staff is trained to take care of any issue.  Call us!



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