Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Home Improvement

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Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Home Improvement

Redoing Bathroom, Kitchen Makes $en$e

Looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? You’re not alone.

A Houzz & Home survey found that kitchens are the top target for homeowners remodeling – 31 percent. Guest bathrooms were second – 27 percent – and master bathrooms were third, at 24 percent. And the renovations make sense. Most of those surveyed felt the renovations will not only improve their quality of life but also will add to the home’s resale value.

“Specifically, four in five renovating homeowners report that kitchens and master bathroom upgrades increased the value of their home, above and beyond any other renovation project,” the report said.

If you’re remodeling or thinking about it, please put Freedom on your construction team for these plumbing services. Our family-owned business is expert in plumbing, air condition, heating and indoor air quality. Our expertise now can save you from expensive headaches later. Call us at (205) 444-4444.




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