What’s that smell?

You already know there may be an unpleasant odor when you turn on your heater or air conditioner after a long break. But what about other smells that may emanate from your vents?


An unexpected smell of smoke usually is a sign of trouble, probably in the mechanical or electrical area.

In this case, you should turn off the thermostat – shutting down the system – and check the unit outside. If there’s a smoky smell around the condenser, do NOT turn the system on again.

Instead, call a professional repair service immediately. Freedom Heating and Cooling offers 24-hour service.

Cigarette Smoke

Tobacco smoke gets into the heating and air conditioning system and is repeatedly circulated through the home. That’s a potential health hazard and a definite turnoff for most home buyers.

Technicians can clean ductwork and coils, reducing the smell.

Musty Smell

You also may notice the smell of mold and mildew coming from your vents.

Some potential causes: leaky ducts, blocked drainage tubes and inadequate insulation.

You need to correct the problem lest the mold and mildew spread through your home, causing health problems and unpleasant smells.

Good News

Most of these problems can be caught or prevented with regular maintenance.

Call us at (205) 444-4444 and we will get your system cleaned and operating at peak efficiency – and without any unwanted smells.