Hydro Jetting Blocked Sewer Lines

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Hydro Jetting Blocked Sewer Lines

One Good Way to Clean Pipes

Hydro-jetting may be the solution if you have frequent blockage in your sewer lines or plumbing system.

With hydro-jetting, a trained plumber scours the interior surface of the pipes with a high-power jet of water. This method removes grease, hair, scaly material and other debris that can clog drains and contaminate water.

To perform hydro-jetting properly, a plumber needs high-tech equipment that helps him to find the cause of the problem and determine if hydro-jetting solved it.

Hydro-jetting is one of the many services offered at Freedom, where our full-service plumbing division can clean drains, inspect and repair sewer lines, and take care of all your plumbing needs. Call us (205) 444-4444.

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