It’s 6 p.m. Saturday and you’re looking forward to a hot shower before going out with your sweetheart. But there’s no hot water. Brrr! And the water heater button won’t work.

What is going on?

Here are some possible reasons for all this cold water raining on your plans:

  • The controller is worn out and needs replacing. If it’s an electric water heater, the controller is a thermostat. If it’s a gas heater, it’s a thermocouple.

  • If you have a timer on the heater it may have worn out.

If it’s a Gas Water Heater:

  • Check your supply of gas. If you have a propane tank, is the tank empty? Be sure all the valves between the gas source and the heater are “on.”

  • Light the pilot light.

  • If the pilot light refuses to start, the problem may be dirt or debris in the pilot supply tube.

  • If the pilot light won’t stay on, your thermocouple probably is defective and needs to be replaced.

If it’s an Electric Water Heater:

  • A fuse may be blown. Reset the breaker for the heater. If this doesn’t restart the heater, check to see if any wires are loose.

  • If no wires are loose, the problem may be the heater element or the thermostat.

Whether your water heater is gas or electric, the master plumbers at Freedom Plumbing will get you and your family hot water when you need it and fix your problem quickly and efficiently.

Call (205) 444-4444 and we will respond promptly. 

P.S. When the water heater is functioning again, set the temperature at 120 degrees F or less. Setting it above 120 degrees will raise the chance of scalding, causes sediment to settle and wastes energy.