Worldwide Demand For AC Is Growing

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Worldwide Demand For AC Is Growing

Here’s something to consider if you’re upgrading your home and planning for your children and grandchildren to enjoy it in the not-too-distant future.

Alabamians will be competing in this global economy for cool air as warming temperatures and the growing middle class in huge countries like China and India also push for more air-conditioning and refrigeration.

Growth Elsewhere Can Affect Americans

“Cool air will be more in demand than heating by the middle of this century because of global warming and a growing middle class,” The Times of London said.

It cited a University of Birmingham (England) study that energy-usage for refrigerators, freezers and air-conditioning units will increase by 90 per cent between now and 2050.

The extra demand can affect the price and supply of refrigerants and air-condition and refrigeration systems as people in other countries try to achieve the same living conditions that Americans enjoy now.

Smart Alabama residents can protect themselves against this competition by building or upgrading homes now with smart technology and energy-efficient air-conditioning, ventilation and heating systems.

One way to boost your home’s energy efficiency is with a Nest Learning Thermostat.  Another is to properly maintain your existing system and maximize its life expectancy. At Freedom Heating and Cooling, we will be glad to help you.

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