Heating Safety Inspection: Save Money and Lives

When should you get a furnace checked for safety? Before it starts a fire! An annual heating safety “tune-up” is a great home maintenance investment you can make. Homeowners who neglect it tend to run into problems such as: Overpayment on utility bills (gas) Carbon monoxide poisoning from improper combustion Higher repair costs This [...]

Air Conditioner Freezing

Ice on Your A/C? When there’s ice on your air conditioner or heat pump in summer, you have a problem. It’s important that you turn off the system at once. There could be many causes for the problem; some are simple to fix while others are complicated. Let’s start with the quick fixes, which you [...]

Compressor Failure Causes

5 reasons your compressor may quit You always want your compressor to do well. It’s the heart and soul of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Also, it’s the most costly piece to replace or repair. But when the compressor quits doing its job at peak efficiency, you can expect the trouble usually [...]

How to find compressor problems

Some of the most puzzling problems are centered in the compressor, the hub of the cooling function in your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Here’s a great checklist of problems and potential sources of the trouble. It was put together for a catalog from ARRCO, a Cookeville, Tn. company that is in the business [...]

Repair or Replace?

Is is Best to Repair or Replace Your Heating or Cooling System?  Boilers and furnaces are like cars: at some point you have to ask yourself if it’ll go another 10,000 miles or if you should park it for good. Here are some important considerations when making this decision: Safety First Most people don’t [...]

Building a new home?

We can help. You definitely want to have an experienced HVAC contractor on your team when you decide what kind of system to install in your new house. We can answer your questions about size, insulation, ductwork and other issues that will make or break your comfort level. First, we can help you assess [...]

4 Energy Saving Tips That Will Put Money Back In Your Pocket

Tired of seeing a sharp increase in your energy bill? According to a study by The Demand Institute, American household spending on electricity has grown an average of 56% since 2000. According to the same report: 71% of American homeowners say a home’s energy efficiency is important. 67% of the study has taken some measure [...]

“The Other Guy Said He Could Do It Cheaper!”

Sometimes we hear “the other guy said he could do it cheaper.” We don’t hear that often, but it’s frustrating on the rare occasions when we do. Here is what’s unfair about those comparisons: First, how can someone who wasn’t there to solve the problem determine how much it should have cost to [...]

Five easy pieces of AC advice

1. Clean or replace air filter regularly Dust, dirt and allergen particles will clog the filter and reduce the airflow, which makes your system work harder than necessary. It also adds dirt to the air that is flowing through the system. 2. Check wiring and components First, however, turn off the power to the unit. [...]

The Benefits of Scheduling a Spring A/C Tune-Up

Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal. Winter weather takes its toll on your home HVAC equipment. Your heating system is coming off a vigorous workout, while your air conditioning needs a tune-up to start working during the first heat wave! It makes sense to schedule a springtime checkup before your A/C has to [...]

Looking for the latest in air-cooling equipment?

New Season, New AC equipment All sorts of selections   Achrnews.com has assembled a rundown on the newest products available now. It also created a product grid that gives plenty of technical details. Click here to view and download the product grid, which includes technical facts, such as unit tonnage, refrigerant type, efficiency rating, and [...]

Do leak-stop agents work?

Pros and cons Leaks aren’t as common as they once were, but professionals still debate the value of using leak-stop agents in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. “Some contractors have used them successfully for years and consider them practical and cost-effective ways to seal small, hard-to-find leaks in systems. Other contractors feel strongly that only [...]

Tax credits for new AC

Program to expire this year You can receive tax credits this year if you install new windows, insulation and air conditioning and heating equipment. The credits are worth between $50 and $500 and apply only to high-efficiency residential heating and cooling products. The categories and credits are part of the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, [...]

Beware of propane-based refrigerant

Alternative 22a not approved Don’t be fooled if someone tries to sell you 22a as an alternative to HCFC-22 (R-22) for recharging your home air-conditioning system. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that using a propane-based refrigerant in an air conditioner that is not designed to use propane or flammable refrigerants poses a threat to [...]

AC Sealant saves money, work well on some leaks

Refrigerant AC sealant can offer a great alternative solution when a leak is too expensive or too inaccessible to fix.   Modern sealants worked on a variety of equipment, including rooftop packaged air conditioning units, air conditioning split systems, small refrigerators, commercial refrigerators, walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-in coolers, and ice makers, according to an [...]

News Alert: R-22 pricing and availability issues continue to increase…

Another Great Article From Bill White at Refrigerant Solutions.  R22 pricing is having an impact on our clients.  Share this with anyone you know that has r22 in their AC or heat pump as this could be a problem for them soon. If you are my age you will remember this very well…an old [...]

Easy fixes for when AC system isn’t working right

You’re always welcome to call Freedom Heating & Cooling for help with your AC system problem, but sometimes a quick check around the house or office is all you need to find a “glitch” you can solve yourself. Are the circuit breakers in the “On” position? Are the air filters clean? What’s the setting on [...]

Do you have one of these coils?

You may be reimbursed if you bought an uncoated copper tube from Lennox, Aire-Flo, Armstrong Air, AirEase, Concord or Ducane.   It will be the result of a settlement of a class action lawsuit against Lennox, a major provider of climate control solutions for the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration markets.   Lennox denies [...]

My evaporator coil is leaking! What should I do?

There are three ways to deal with a leaky evaporator coil, and each one has advantages and disadvantages. Let me give you some information so you can decide which is the best route for you to take. Every case is different – costs, expected length of stay in the house, extent of leak, etc. [...]

2015 Guide to High Efficiency Air Conditioning

I recently came across a great reference for 2015 High Efficiency Air Conditioning.  This was published by Contracting Business.com and distributed to the HVAC industry.  It lists most all ac manufacturers and enables you to compare the industry's top units side-by-side. Click here to download the pdf file, 2015 AC GUIDE You may also want to [...]

What is a Pitted Contactor?

What is a Pitted Contactor? Contactors A contactor is an electrical relay that controls the flow of electricity to components in the AC unit. The contactor sends voltage to the condenser and outdoor fan motor. Voltage from the thermostat is sent to the contactor and is registered by the contactor’s side terminals. Power is applied [...]

Single Stage vs Two Stage Compressors

The compressor is the heart of an air conditioning system. It pressurizes and moves the refrigerant back and forth from the condenser to the evaporator. It is probably the single most important and expensive item in your ac system.  This single item can make the most impact on the operation of your home comfort system.  Make sure to make the [...]

The Misconception About Getting “3 Bids” in the HVAC industry!

Old wise tale or old wives' tale (from www.yahoo.com .... something that a lot of people once believed but has since been exposed as a myth.) says to "get three bids" before you buy anything!  In these busy times, people can't spend the time they used to waiting on a HVAC contractor to fit them in, or [...]

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