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Are You Going to Try to Sell Me Something I Don’t Need?

Is that question running through your mind?  It's because an unethical salesman came to your home and pressured you to buy either steak knives or a vacuum cleaner.  He would not leave until you bought something.  We are not high-pressure salesmen.  We believe that you have control over your home's HVAC system decisions. Our responsibility [...]

What is Your Diagnostic Service Fee?

We charge a diagnostic service fee for calls that the HVAC system is not operating and needs to determine the issues.  We have a flat fee for this service no matter how long it takes us diagnosis the problem.  45 minutes or 2 days, it's the same price.  Our diagnostic service fee is $39.95 for all [...]

I Have a Friend in the HVAC Business

Using a friend may not be a good idea.  We just received a call from a home owner who had his friend, who previously worked for us, put in a system.  We let the guy go because of ethical and honesty problems and I can tell he has not changed.  The new equipment is having trouble after only 2 months.  [...]

My system is new, it has a parts warranty, why do I have to pay for the repair?

We handle several different types of diagnostic or service calls from clients who need our help.  We sometimes run service calls for clients  who have new HVAC systems.  While in the process of setting up or diagnosing the system , clients often ask "My system is new, it has a parts warranty, why do I have to pay [...]

Why do we charge what we charge?

Our technicians use standard pricing, from a pre-printed price book.  Our technicians do not have the latitude to change the pricing.  You pay the same as your neighbors would pay for the same repair. Our charges are more than some companies in the area, though not as much as others.  I make no apologies.  I [...]

Why Do I Have a Leaking Evaporator Coil?

We sometime hear customers ask, Why do I have a leaking evaporator coil?  I posed this question to our internal tech forum. The following are the comments and discussions that came from our service technicians.  Please excuse the grammar as this discussion took place over text message. Don:  Forum Question:  Why do evaporator coils leak? [...]

Do You Provide Weekend HVAC Tune Ups?

Yes!  Our weekend staff is one third the size of our normal staff during the week.  We work a 3-week rotation so our staff has 1 weekend on and two weekends off.  The weekend services are designed to be able to respond to emergency calls such as units not working (not heating and not cooling), a noise coming [...]

Will a AC Tune UP Fix my Unit?

Many new clients call in to ask about our precision AC tune up and preventative maintenance programs.  We often here the question, "If my system is not running, not cooling or not heating, will the tune up get the HVAC system running again?" Usually, NO!  Our precision tune ups are designed for systems that are functioning.  Just think of your [...]

Can I Get a Lower Price?

Can I Get A Lower Price? We get this question occasionally and it is human nature that people want to make sure they are getting the best deal.  Many companies and technicians usually try to avoid any questions about price and money. But here is the reality of price, you can get a lower price [...]

What is Your Diagnostic Fee and Will You Waive It If I Do a Repair?

What is Your Diagnostic Fee and Will You Waive It If I Do a Repair? There was a lady who called recently and stated "my heat doesn't work, what will it cost to get it working again?"  The first step in this process is to get a technician to 'diagnose' the problem so many companies call [...]

Clean Indoor Air: A Simple Guide to Indoor Air Quality

Air Filter The first level of indoor air quality (IAQ) is the filter. This is the step that removes particles from the air by pulling the air through an element, usually paper, to grab the impurities. The rating of a filter shows how it performs. The Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV) scale starts at [...]

Get Your Tax Credit Before It’s Gone!

Get Your Tax Credit Before It’s Gone! I’m sure you’re accustomed to seeing those “Limited Time Offers” that never seem to end. I think the local auto dealership has been sending me the same one for 3 years now! But in this case, the limited time offer is definitely going away—and it’s going away [...]

Heating Season Tune Ups Save Money, And Maybe Your Life

Heating Season Tune Ups Save Money, And Maybe Your Life If it’s sweltering outside, the last thing you have in mind is cranking up the furnace. But cooler temperatures are not far away. It’s time to schedule a heating season combustion adjustment, professional cleaning and safety check. Gas Furnace that is clean and safe [...]

Costco members earn CASH on HVAC Installation

Costco members earn CASH on HVAC Installation Costco members earn CASH on HVAC Installation : Costco is a great retailer and has put more resources into the HVAC category.  Lennox and Costco have partnered to be the exclusive HVAC Brand offered through Costco.  This is a very impressive arrangement as Costco has always been [...]

Heating and Air Conditioning Once Saved the World Part 2: Brands

Heating and Air Conditioning Once Saved the World How Heating and Air Conditioning Once Saved the World There are so many names in the Heating and Air Conditioning Industry.  This is simply a post (Heating, Air Conditioning Brands) to understand how the names are very connected with a brief history. Carrier Owner or Parent Company:  [...]

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