Heating Safety Inspection: Save Money and Lives

When should you get a furnace checked for safety? Before it starts a fire! An annual heating safety “tune-up” is a great home maintenance investment you can make. Homeowners who neglect it tend to run into problems such as: Overpayment on utility bills (gas) Carbon monoxide poisoning from improper combustion Higher repair costs This [...]

Why It’s Important To Proper Duct Sealing

What Are Duct Systems? HVAC duct systems are forced-air processes that use ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout the dwelling. Air pressure and the degree to which this air is forced through the ductwork must remain as constant as possible to provide adequate airflow to all areas of the house. Supply ducts distribute air [...]

Heating Systems: Out With The Cold And In With The New

During the winter, having a working heating system is very important. Nothing is worse than coming home only to realize your home is as cold as the outside. If your heating system breaks, or if you haven’t owned one before, you might need a new one. However, before you go out and buy an [...]

Can Lightning Strikes harm my AC?

How to minimize lightning strikes. In the South, there’s no escape from powerful lightning storms that can jeopardize your air conditioning system. But you can take steps to minimize the chances of being struck: In a lightning storm, turn off the air conditioner at the thermostat. This is not foolproof, but it does reduce [...]

How To Tell If Your Sewer Drain Is Clogged

Sewer drain clogged? Here’s how to tell Don’t delay action if your sewer drain is clogged. Otherwise, the clog can lead to health problems for you and your family. North Alabama has a variety of sewer systems, but there’s a quick way to learn if your problem is coming from the utility that [...]

Home Plumbing Technology Trends

New Tech Can Improve Your New & Old Birmingham Home Plumbing, like every other field, is constantly evolving to meet customers’ demand and make new technology that adds to the quality of life for homeowners. Environmental concerns are just one area where plumbing has adapted to modern times. A new dishwasher can save you hundreds [...]

Indoor Air Quality & Your Bathroom Fan

A Bathroom Fan Can Help Your Entire Home's Indoor Air Quality Too many homeowners underrate the value of the trusty bathroom fan. It may be small but it can do a lot of good for your home's indoor air quality so don’t be afraid to run it often and long. A fan is great for [...]

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Home Improvement

Redoing Bathroom, Kitchen Makes $en$e Looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? You’re not alone. A Houzz & Home survey found that kitchens are the top target for homeowners remodeling – 31 percent. Guest bathrooms were second – 27 percent – and master bathrooms were third, at 24 percent. And the renovations make sense. Most [...]

Clogged Drains and Hard Water

"Hard" Water: Soap Wars – Liquid vs. Bar Is soap scum clogging your drain? Maybe you want to consider liquid soap, especially if you have “hard” water. A New York Times science writer, C. Claiborne Ray, explains: Chemicals can create “hard” water, which may combine with bar soap to clog the drain. Liquid soap, which [...]

Harvard Study – Improving Your Home Office Indoor Air Quality

Improve air in your home office & you work smarter.  Alabama politics may not be the only thing that’s muddying your brain. A new study shows that poor indoor air quality hurts the way people make decisions. The study examined air quality’s impact on workers in offices, but its findings also could apply to [...]

Worldwide Demand For AC Is Growing

Here’s something to consider if you’re upgrading your home and planning for your children and grandchildren to enjoy it in the not-too-distant future. Alabamians will be competing in this global economy for cool air as warming temperatures and the growing middle class in huge countries like China and India also push for more air-conditioning [...]

Cut Water & Heating Bills in Birmingham, AL

Want to save money and cut your water and heating bills near Birmingham, AL? Save water, electricity and money by trading your old shower head for a new WaterSense shower head and you may notice little, if any, change in the flow of water in the shower. The new shower head will pump out two gallons of water [...]

How Long Do Water Heaters Last

Is My Birmingham, AL Water Heater Dying? There are several signs that your water heater is nearing the end of its life: Is it taking longer to deliver hot water and is it running out of hot water sooner than normal? Do you have “hard water?” This is water that contains lots of minerals [...]

How To Keep Your Birmingham Home Cool

Why won’t my house cool? Nothing will ruin a North Alabama summer like an air-conditioning system that runs all the time yet never gets your house cool enough. This is a sign that your system is low on refrigerant. One likely problem is a leak-– not something your average do-it-yourselfer can fix. Call Freedom [...]

Tariffs & Rising Cost HVAC Systems

Thinking about a new heating and air conditioning system? Now may be the time to avoid rising costs An economic dispute far from North Alabama may mean this is a smart time for Birmingham residents to consider buy new heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The international trade war is getting hotter, with many manufacturers raising [...]

Summer Plumbing Tips Birmingham

Hot Weather Not Kind to North Alabama Plumbing Summertime means an extra workout for the plumbing in homes in the Birmingham, AL area. We tend to use more water in warm weather –- watering lawns, taking more showers and baths – and having cookouts that tax disposal systems, so keep an eye on potential [...]

HVAC Home Renovation

Renovating Your Birmingham Home? Ask these 3 questions: Here are some important questions to consider when you renovate a home or decide to upgrade your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system: (1) Which room is the most uncomfortable? Possible solutions include more insulation and upgraded ducts to reduce leaks and improve airflow. (2) How can [...]

Hydro Jetting Blocked Sewer Lines

One Good Way to Clean Pipes Hydro-jetting may be the solution if you have frequent blockage in your sewer lines or plumbing system. With hydro-jetting, a trained plumber scours the interior surface of the pipes with a high-power jet of water. This method removes grease, hair, scaly material and other debris that can clog [...]

Ductwork Allergens, Mold & Other Indoor Air Quality Problems

Mold & Allergens Can Hide in Your Ductwork Ducts are of sight in most homes but don’t forget about them. They’re vital to your family’s health and the quality of your indoor air. Ducts are the lungs of your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, breathing air in and out of your home –- with [...]

Noisy Plumbing

Hush those noisy water pipes Noisy water pipes aren’t just irritating. They’re sending you a signal of a problem that often can be fixed easily before it gets worse. Maybe you hear a valve whistling when you turn on a faucet or water valve. This very likely means a screw is loose or a [...]

Water Heaters in Your Birmingham Home

What’s in a Water Heater? Some important components keep your water heater humming, ready to quickly provide hot water at your command. The typical water heater has a cold-water intake, a hot water outlet and a drain valve. The water comes from a holding tank that holds 30 or 60 gallons. The heating element is [...]

Plumbing Myths

Fake News About Plumbing Actually, this is not about fake news but more about misconceptions some people have about various aspects of plumbing in their homes. Let us set the record straight and give you some ideas about how to make your plumbing system work for you: A faucet leak is no big deal. Wrong! Left [...]

Air Conditioner Freezing

Ice on Your A/C? When there’s ice on your air conditioner or heat pump in summer, you have a problem. It’s important that you turn off the system at once. There could be many causes for the problem; some are simple to fix while others are complicated. Let’s start with the quick fixes, which you [...]

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