Heating Safety Inspection: Save Money and Lives

When should you get a furnace checked for safety? Before it starts a fire! An annual heating safety “tune-up” is a great home maintenance investment you can make. Homeowners who neglect it tend to run into problems such as: Overpayment on utility bills (gas) Carbon monoxide poisoning from improper combustion Higher repair costs This [...]

How To Keep Your Birmingham Home Cool

Why won’t my house cool? Nothing will ruin a North Alabama summer like an air-conditioning system that runs all the time yet never gets your house cool enough. This is a sign that your system is low on refrigerant. One likely problem is a leak-– not something your average do-it-yourselfer can fix. Call Freedom [...]

AC Safety Disconnect

Why Should My AC Have a Safety Disconnect?  National Standards The first point to understand about any industry in America, and specifically the High Velocity Air Conditioning and Heating industry is there are departments and selected groups that set the standards for installation, sales, and maintenance. Each area of concern is addressed by these [...]

Home Winter Maintenance

Prepare Your Home for Winter in 12 Steps As the days shorten and temperatures drop steadily, you need to make sure you’re ready for the winter season in the Birmingham, AL area. Here’s a checklist of items to take care of before the temperature plummets: Check your heating system. Have a professional inspect your [...]

Is Your Furnace Working Too Hard

Your Furnace is Working Too Hard Commercial and industrial businesses have preventative maintenance systems to maximize their equipment lifespan. There’s no reason your home should be any different. Scheduling preventative maintenance to help prevent a breakdown or something worse (like leaking carbon monoxide) with these tips: Change Filters This is the easiest and most basic [...]

Building a new home?

We can help. You definitely want to have an experienced HVAC contractor on your team when you decide what kind of system to install in your new house. We can answer your questions about size, insulation, ductwork and other issues that will make or break your comfort level. First, we can help you assess [...]

Bad Compressor: Replace or Repair?

Compressors for air-conditioning units are a little like modern television sets. Sometimes it makes more sense to replace the whole unit rather than repair the broken part. At Freedom Heating and Cooling, we always give customers a rundown of the pros and cons on the question of replace/repair. Either way, your decision won’t be as [...]

June 2016 Forecast

Getting warm? April showers bring May flowers, but June brings heat – lots of it. Here’s a look at what happens in the Birmingham area in a typical June, thanks to this report from weatherspark.com. Daily highs will increase from 84°F to 89°F over the course of the month, exceeding 95°F or dropping below 77°F [...]

Don’t ignore these HVAC problems

The compressor, which pressurizes the refrigerant in your system, operates under high pressure. It won’t work well if there is a problem with the compressor motor, run and start capacitors or refrigerant level. Rather than keeping it operating in a weakened state, call a trained technician because the compressor is complicated. A quick repair now [...]

Tax credits for new AC

Program to expire this year You can receive tax credits this year if you install new windows, insulation and air conditioning and heating equipment. The credits are worth between $50 and $500 and apply only to high-efficiency residential heating and cooling products. The categories and credits are part of the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, [...]

Beware of propane-based refrigerant

Alternative 22a not approved Don’t be fooled if someone tries to sell you 22a as an alternative to HCFC-22 (R-22) for recharging your home air-conditioning system. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that using a propane-based refrigerant in an air conditioner that is not designed to use propane or flammable refrigerants poses a threat to [...]

Spring now for AC maintenance

The arrival of spring means you will be using your air conditioning system more often, and you want to make sure it’s ready for the muggy Alabama summer heat. Better to fix a small problem now than encounter a big problem in the midst of the July 4 holiday. As energystar.gov reminds us, it’s wise [...]

5 heating problems to avoid this winter

          Get a furnace tune-up and relax   Many problems with heating can be traced back to five areas, according to serviceexperts.com: 1) The thermostat breaks, which causes a loss of heat or other unpleasantness. Fan motor, belts or bearings malfunction, causing too much or too little heat. Dirty or clogged filters lead to airflow [...]

8 signs your furnace is dying

Here are eight warning signs that your furnace may need to be replaced. Thanks to Home Energy Center, which compiled this report based on research undertaken by the federal Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, Minnesota Department of Public Service, electric and gas utilities heating and cooling manufacturers, trade associations, and field service [...]

A Look Back at R-22 through the summer

Reprinted with permission from https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/look-back-r-22-through-summer-christie-devore Sep 9, 2015 The article below appeared at the beginning of the 2015 summer. It is interesting that many of the things mentioned began to occur as the summer wore on, with one significant exception…in spite of the fact that production of R-22 was cut by 57%, equal to [...]

6 Reasons to Have a Service Agreement With Us

6 Reasons to Have a Service Agreement With Us It’s that time of year when home owners should be arranging for a spring checkup to make sure their air conditioning doesn't give out when things really heat up. When we book these calls, the top priority for scheduling goes to home owners who are part [...]

Residential Heat Load Calculation – Manual J

I recently attended a training class by Alabama Power on Manual J training (Residential Heat Load Calculation). They taught the Manual J version Eighth Edition abridged version.  Tim Offord was the class teacher.  Here are the notes I took as well as the link to download a free excel spreadsheet to do the calculations. In south [...]

Free Downloads

We have added and updated our page on Free eBooks.  These guides are very valuable and helpful to understanding and improving the lives of homeowners.  Understanding Heat Pumps, Mold, designing an HVAC System, and hiring guides give advice on how to make improvements to your home. www.FreedomHvacAL.com/free-ebooks    

6 Things You Should Know About Carbon Monoxide

Heating season is upon us and that brings seasonal danger from carbon monoxide poisoning. Tasteless, colorless, odorless, carbon monoxide (CO) is produced by almost every fuel-burning appliance, including furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, grills and gas space heaters. When the equipment is working right, very little CO escapes and what does gets vented harmlessly to the [...]

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Tasteless, colorless, odorless, carbon monoxide (CO) is produced by almost every fuel-burning appliance, including furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, grills and gas space heaters. When something goes wrong with the equipment or the venting, CO becomes one of America’s most deadly household hazards. Here are some things every homeowner should know about CO and how to [...]

HVAC definitions and terms

Here are a list of definitions that are used daily in the HVAC industry. Acid – Most commonly created in compressor burnouts, when the refrigerant reaches extremely high temperatures. Acid in a refrigeration system can cause huge problems for compressors. Air Flow Distribution – The amount of air that is distributed throughout the designated space. [...]

HVAC Technician Training: Step 17 Should You Have Your AC Unit Cleaned?

 HVAC Technician Training: Step 17 Should You Have Your AC Unit Cleaned? Should You Have Your AC Unit Cleaned? It is much easier to keep your unit clean rather than trying to clean it after it is very dirty. The amount of heating or cooling, and the efficiency of operation is highly dependent upon the [...]

What is the Freedom Comfort Club?

The Freedom Comfort Club (FCC) Membership is different from a tune up.  The tune-up consists of a one time appointment.  It does not come with the amenities of the FCC membership. Manufacturers recommend you have your unit serviced every six months to prevent your system from breaking down at the most inconvenient time.  This is why we offer our services to [...]

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