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Do You Change the Filter with HVAC Tune Up?

Freedom Heating and Cooling does change the filter with HVAC tune up service.  However, we do not provide them.  Due to the increasing amount of  indoor air pollution we have upgraded our brand of filters to suit the environment inside your home.  Aprilaire and Practical Pleat filters are more efficient than the filters found in the hardware [...]

Do You Repair Ductwork with Seasonal HVAC Tune Ups?

As part of the 34 point inspection for our seasonal HVAC tune up, we do an inspection of the ductwork. This inspection is to see if there are any holes or places where your duct has come apart.  We also look to see if there is any sort of bacterial growth on the outside and inside of [...]

How to Prevent Evaporator Coil Leaks?

Ninety-five percent (95%) of evaporator coil leaks are preventable. We see about 5% that are legitimate manufacturers defects. The major manufacturers state the failure rate is only 2%-3%.  We believe that the humidity levels in the south cause the difference with longer AC runtimes than in other areas. So, can you really prevent evaporator coil leaks? YES [...]

Why Do I Have a Leaking Evaporator Coil?

We sometime hear customers ask, Why do I have a leaking evaporator coil?  I posed this question to our internal tech forum. The following are the comments and discussions that came from our service technicians.  Please excuse the grammar as this discussion took place over text message. Don:  Forum Question:  Why do evaporator coils leak? [...]

Do You Provide Weekend HVAC Tune Ups?

Yes!  Our weekend staff is one third the size of our normal staff during the week.  We work a 3-week rotation so our staff has 1 weekend on and two weekends off.  The weekend services are designed to be able to respond to emergency calls such as units not working (not heating and not cooling), a noise coming [...]

What Does a HVAC Tune Up Consist Of?

Unlike most companies, we service both the heat and the AC of your unit during each season. Why? It's the crazy Alabama weather!  It can be cold one morning and the next afternoon hot again.  You never know when you will need the heat or AC. Our comprehensive 34 point inspection incudes: Inspect and clean burners Check carbon [...]

Why Should I be a Freedom Comfort Club Member?

The Freedom Comfort Club Membership is more inclusive from a Precision tune up. The tune-up consists of a one time schedule appointment, but it does not come with the benefits of a membership. Industry experts recommend that you have your HVAC unit serviced every six months to prevent system break downs at the most inconvenience time of the [...]

Will a AC Tune UP Fix my Unit?

Many new clients call in to ask about our precision AC tune up and preventative maintenance programs.  We often here the question, "If my system is not running, not cooling or not heating, will the tune up get the HVAC system running again?" Usually, NO!  Our precision tune ups are designed for systems that are functioning.  Just think of your [...]

What is Carbon Monoxide?

What is Carbon Monoxide? Carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible, odorless, tasteless gas produced when fuels don’t burn completely, or are exposed to heat (usually fire). These fuels include: wood, coal, charcoal, oil, natural gas, gasoline, kerosene, and propane. Because carbon monoxide poses a serious public health risk, most states in the U.S. have made [...]

One Dead, One Hospitalized after Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Talladega

Read this article about Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  It's from NBC News about an Alabama family.  The article is short but talks about a malfunction on the exhaust system.  This article came out this weekend but didn't get a lot of attention. The exhaust system of a furnace makes sure the burnt gases (including Carbon Monoxide) [...]

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