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Furnace Trouble Signs

Furnace Signs You Won’t Like  If you have to keep turning your thermostat higher and higher to keep the temperature comfortable, you could be in for bad news. A dying furnace has to work harder to maintain heat. The constant turning up of the dial may mean the furnace’s days are numbered. That’s especially true if your [...]

Repair or Replace?

Is is Best to Repair or Replace Your Heating or Cooling System?  Boilers and furnaces are like cars: at some point you have to ask yourself if it’ll go another 10,000 miles or if you should park it for good. Here are some important considerations when making this decision: Safety First Most people don’t [...]

Common Types of Heating Systems Used in Alabama

Common Types of Heating Systems Used in Alabama There are many different types of heating systems used throughout Alabama. Forced Air System:  One of the most common types of home heating solution is the forced air system. This is a system where an energy source heats a furnace, and air is passed through that furnace [...]

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