Heating Safety Inspection: Save Money and Lives

When should you get a furnace checked for safety? Before it starts a fire! An annual heating safety “tune-up” is a great home maintenance investment you can make. Homeowners who neglect it tend to run into problems such as: Overpayment on utility bills (gas) Carbon monoxide poisoning from improper combustion Higher repair costs This [...]

Heating Systems: Out With The Cold And In With The New

During the winter, having a working heating system is very important. Nothing is worse than coming home only to realize your home is as cold as the outside. If your heating system breaks, or if you haven’t owned one before, you might need a new one. However, before you go out and buy an [...]

See the newest heat pumps

Watch the warranties Manufacturers are turning out a wide variety of new heat pumps with many features to improve the comfort of your home while lowering your utility bill. Here’s a look at some of the newest heat pumps, thanks to a list compiled by http://www.achrnews.com/articles/135661-new-residential-heating-products. One area we have singled out here is [...]

North Alabama Cold Weather

Lots of cold weather yet to come to North Alabama. Maybe your heating system is cranky and you’re hoping that it makes it through winter. Remember that winter in North Alabama isn’t just the month of January with its average dozen or so freezing nights. On average, we will have about 16 more freezing nights before [...]

Is Your Furnace Working Too Hard

Your Furnace is Working Too Hard Commercial and industrial businesses have preventative maintenance systems to maximize their equipment lifespan. There’s no reason your home should be any different. Scheduling preventative maintenance to help prevent a breakdown or something worse (like leaking carbon monoxide) with these tips: Change Filters This is the easiest and most basic [...]

Signs of an Aging Furnace

Your Furnace is Haunted! It’s the coldest night of the winter. You’re cozy in your warm living room watching your favorite TV show. Slowly you and your family begin to notice the temperature dropping as your heater kicks the bucket. You shake your fist and tell your significant other to get it fixed. Knowing the signs and [...]

9 Fire Safety Tips for Cold Weather

Heating equipment is a leading cause of home fire deaths. Half of home heating equipment fires are reported in December, January, and February. The National Fire Protection Agency recommends these simple steps to prevent heating-related fires: Keep anything that can burn at least three feet away from heating equipment, like the furnace, fireplace, wood [...]

Freedom Fall Cleaning

Not too early to check your heating system In our part of Alabama, the arrival of football season is a good reminder to ensure your heater is running at peak efficiency and won’t encounter costly problems that can be avoided. You can have both your heating and air conditioning systems checked at the same [...]

Building a new home?

We can help. You definitely want to have an experienced HVAC contractor on your team when you decide what kind of system to install in your new house. We can answer your questions about size, insulation, ductwork and other issues that will make or break your comfort level. First, we can help you assess [...]

4 Energy Saving Tips That Will Put Money Back In Your Pocket

Tired of seeing a sharp increase in your energy bill? According to a study by The Demand Institute, American household spending on electricity has grown an average of 56% since 2000. According to the same report: 71% of American homeowners say a home’s energy efficiency is important. 67% of the study has taken some measure [...]

How a Variable Speed Fan is Making the World a Better Place

A variable speed fan motor was originally, and still is, designed to eliminate the discomforts caused by ridiculous on/off part-time heating and air conditioning.  We use it for the comfort it provides.  The fact that it saves energy is a welcome bonus. I don't make big fuel savings claims for several reasons. Lets say you [...]

Package Unit vs Split System

Heating and air is not purchased as a system like a car. Heating and air conditioning is an on site assembled system. If car manufacturers simply made all the parts, put them in a box, and ship them to the local dealer to install, the quality control of workmanship would not be available.  This is the [...]

The Importance of Proper Design of a Heating and Cooling System

Many clients often ask us tell them what they need for their heating and cooling system. That is a very involved question.  It can depend on your family, the property arrangement, and how a home owner will use a property.  Getting a proper design of a heating and cooling system before you start buying and installing HVAC [...]

You Have an Interesting Phone Number 205-444-4444, How Did You Get It?

We didn't just luck into that number.  We had a plan to make your yellow pages (back when they mattered) obsolete.  Get an easy to remember phone number! My father started this project by looking around how other companies had achieved those name phone numbers.  All the ones we found like 123-cool or 234-heat didn't seem [...]

Are You Going to Try to Sell Me Something I Don’t Need?

Is that question running through your mind?  It's because an unethical salesman came to your home and pressured you to buy either steak knives or a vacuum cleaner.  He would not leave until you bought something.  We are not high-pressure salesmen.  We believe that you have control over your home's HVAC system decisions. Our responsibility [...]

What is Your Diagnostic Service Fee?

We charge a diagnostic service fee for calls that the HVAC system is not operating and needs to determine the issues.  We have a flat fee for this service no matter how long it takes us diagnosis the problem.  45 minutes or 2 days, it's the same price.  Our diagnostic service fee is $39.95 for all [...]

I Have a Friend in the HVAC Business

Using a friend may not be a good idea.  We just received a call from a home owner who had his friend, who previously worked for us, put in a system.  We let the guy go because of ethical and honesty problems and I can tell he has not changed.  The new equipment is having trouble after only 2 months.  [...]

Space Heaters, Don’t Trade Safety and Comfort for Thrift.

Space heaters are seen in many, many homes. They give consumers the start of comfort but at low price, or is it?  Space heaters can be electric or gas fired to produce heat. Electric heater are the most common. Let's examine the issues with space heaters. Cost: Electric Space Heaters use very high electric current to heat [...]

Do You Provide Weekend HVAC Tune Ups?

Yes!  Our weekend staff is one third the size of our normal staff during the week.  We work a 3-week rotation so our staff has 1 weekend on and two weekends off.  The weekend services are designed to be able to respond to emergency calls such as units not working (not heating and not cooling), a noise coming [...]

Will a AC Tune UP Fix my Unit?

Many new clients call in to ask about our precision AC tune up and preventative maintenance programs.  We often here the question, "If my system is not running, not cooling or not heating, will the tune up get the HVAC system running again?" Usually, NO!  Our precision tune ups are designed for systems that are functioning.  Just think of your [...]

How Much Insulation Do I Need in My Home?

For this question you must understand the region you live in.  In Birmingham, Alabama, we experience more cooling months than we do heating months.  The state of Alabama HVACR board recommends at least R-30 of insulation.  Alabama Power (our local utility company) would like for home owners to upgrade to R-60 of insulation in their [...]

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