Wallets to Take a Hit as Winter Fuel Bills Rise

AccuWeather reports bank accounts will take another small hit this winter season as residents across the nation will see an increase in their heating bills.   As AccuWeather's winter forecast predicts blankets of snow for the Rockies but an ease into winter for the East, expenditures for winter fuels are anticipated to rise, with the exception [...]

5 Ways To Deal With Crawl Space Air

5 Ways To Deal With Crawl Space Air The air in a crawl space can have a huge impact on a home’s durability and indoor environmental quality. A building science expert, Allison Bailes says that contractors have several options to deal with air in crawl spaces. In this article he details the five options and how [...]

Will a Nest Thermostat Work with my AC System?

Will a Nest Thermostat Work with my AC System? We  receive this call several times a week due to we install more Nest Thermostats than any other heating and air conditioning company in Birmingham, Alabama.  The second generation Nest will work on 95% of hvac systems out there.  We find that in our area that [...]

Can I Get a Lower Price?

Can I Get A Lower Price? We get this question occasionally and it is human nature that people want to make sure they are getting the best deal.  Many companies and technicians usually try to avoid any questions about price and money. But here is the reality of price, you can get a lower price [...]

My Heat is Not Working, Can You Light my Furnace Pilot?

My heat is not working, can you light my furnace pilot ? This question often arises once the seasons change to cooler weather. Many clients still think that their furnace operates with a pilot light and it needs to be lit for heat. First, most modern furnaces within the last decade or so, do not use a [...]

One Dead, One Hospitalized after Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Talladega

Read this article about Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  It's from NBC News about an Alabama family.  The article is short but talks about a malfunction on the exhaust system.  This article came out this weekend but didn't get a lot of attention. The exhaust system of a furnace makes sure the burnt gases (including Carbon Monoxide) [...]

Clean Indoor Air: A Simple Guide to Indoor Air Quality

Air Filter The first level of indoor air quality (IAQ) is the filter. This is the step that removes particles from the air by pulling the air through an element, usually paper, to grab the impurities. The rating of a filter shows how it performs. The Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV) scale starts at [...]

Get Your Tax Credit Before It’s Gone!

Get Your Tax Credit Before It’s Gone! I’m sure you’re accustomed to seeing those “Limited Time Offers” that never seem to end. I think the local auto dealership has been sending me the same one for 3 years now! But in this case, the limited time offer is definitely going away—and it’s going away [...]

Heating Season Tune Ups Save Money, And Maybe Your Life

Heating Season Tune Ups Save Money, And Maybe Your Life If it’s sweltering outside, the last thing you have in mind is cranking up the furnace. But cooler temperatures are not far away. It’s time to schedule a heating season combustion adjustment, professional cleaning and safety check. Gas Furnace that is clean and safe [...]

The Insiders Secrets to HVAC Credits and Rebates Available in Birmingham, AL – Tax credits and Rebates Save Upgraders Thousands!

As I start this article, I thought about a line from a classic song by Roger Miller, 'King of the Road'. The song mentions that he knows, "Every lock that ain't locked when no ones around." The meaning of that line is he knows where all the freebies and give-aways are. I wanted to take [...]

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