Why It’s Important To Proper Duct Sealing

What Are Duct Systems? HVAC duct systems are forced-air processes that use ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout the dwelling. Air pressure and the degree to which this air is forced through the ductwork must remain as constant as possible to provide adequate airflow to all areas of the house. Supply ducts distribute air [...]

Indoor Air Quality & Your Bathroom Fan

A Bathroom Fan Can Help Your Entire Home's Indoor Air Quality Too many homeowners underrate the value of the trusty bathroom fan. It may be small but it can do a lot of good for your home's indoor air quality so don’t be afraid to run it often and long. A fan is great for [...]

Harvard Study – Improving Your Home Office Indoor Air Quality

Improve air in your home office & you work smarter.  Alabama politics may not be the only thing that’s muddying your brain. A new study shows that poor indoor air quality hurts the way people make decisions. The study examined air quality’s impact on workers in offices, but its findings also could apply to [...]

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