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High tech is in the house!

With households consuming an estimated 55 percent of the energy used in buildings, it makes sense that homeowners turn to technology to seek more efficiency and hold the line on utility costs. Health is a concern, too, with people suffering from allergies and people concerned about the impact of refrigerants on the environment. It’s why [...]

The Benefits of Variable Speed HVAC Fans

3 Votes for Variable Speed Blowers  For comfort and efficiency, consider variable speed blowers on indoor heating and air conditioning units. The Top 3 Reasons for Variable Speed Blowers are:  They improve dehumidification, often desired in Alabama’s long, hot summers. Variable speed blowers let the indoor coil get cooler quicker, which enhances dehumidification. They [...]

Taking The Extra Step

Extra Steps Pay Results If possible, take an extra step when buying or repairing a heating or air conditioning system. We can assess your home for related problems that can be fixed, thus upgrading the comfort of your home. We can test your home to see if it has leakage problems or filtration in the attic, basement and ductwork. We [...]

4 Energy Saving Tips That Will Put Money Back In Your Pocket

Tired of seeing a sharp increase in your energy bill? According to a study by The Demand Institute, American household spending on electricity has grown an average of 56% since 2000. According to the same report: 71% of American homeowners say a home’s energy efficiency is important. 67% of the study has taken some measure [...]

High-end systems offer new benefits

When it comes to air-conditioners, manufacturers are adding new features that increase performance and comfort. The question, of course, is whether the price tag fits your budget. Here are snapshots of some of the new product offerings, thanks to Joanne Turpin, a contributing editor at American Standard American Standard AccuComfort Platinum 20 [...]

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AC numbers to remember

Plus savings tips 78 Degrees, that is. This is the temperature recommended by utility companies for energy conservation in the summer. Setting it at 78 or higher works for some people, but many prefer to dial down the thermostat. Just remember: 10 percent That’s the amount of added energy needed for an every degree below [...]

Five easy pieces of AC advice

1. Clean or replace air filter regularly Dust, dirt and allergen particles will clog the filter and reduce the airflow, which makes your system work harder than necessary. It also adds dirt to the air that is flowing through the system. 2. Check wiring and components First, however, turn off the power to the unit. [...]

Do leak-stop agents work?

Pros and cons Leaks aren’t as common as they once were, but professionals still debate the value of using leak-stop agents in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. “Some contractors have used them successfully for years and consider them practical and cost-effective ways to seal small, hard-to-find leaks in systems. Other contractors feel strongly that only [...]

Be a Ceiling Fan-atic

Don’t make your air-conditioner do all the work cooling your house this summer. Ceiling fans do a great job of moving cool air and giving you more benefit for your AC dollar. However, be sure to first remove any dust that may have accumulated on the blades over the winter. Dust is doubly bad because [...]

Tax credits for new AC

Program to expire this year You can receive tax credits this year if you install new windows, insulation and air conditioning and heating equipment. The credits are worth between $50 and $500 and apply only to high-efficiency residential heating and cooling products. The categories and credits are part of the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, [...]

5 heating problems to avoid this winter

          Get a furnace tune-up and relax   Many problems with heating can be traced back to five areas, according to 1) The thermostat breaks, which causes a loss of heat or other unpleasantness. Fan motor, belts or bearings malfunction, causing too much or too little heat. Dirty or clogged filters lead to airflow [...]

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An easy way to cut your holiday light bill

Use LED  bulbs   Save money and energy on Christmas lights by purchasing LED bulbs, which cost a little more up front but far less to operate. Monthly operating costs on LED minis cost $1.08 per month (0.04 watts), compared to $31.50 for traditional lights, which use 7 watts, and $7.20 for miniature lights, which [...]

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Smart ways to keep your holidays safe

‘Tis the season to decorate, but be careful with lighting lest the Grinch steal your Christmas. Alabama Power Co. offers these safety tips: Inspect all lights, decorations and extension cords for damage before using them. Take care when decorating near power lines. Keep yourself and all equipment at least 10 feet from power lines. [...]

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More companies making 20 SEER units

Maytag the latest Maytag has joined the growing list of manufacturers selling 20 SEER air conditioners as the push for more energy efficiency continues. Maytag recently began selling an all-new iQ Drive air conditioner – the PSA4BG. This inverter-driven product reaches 20 SEER cooling efficiency in all matches and is available in 2, 3, 4 [...]

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Tame those ‘energy hogs’ at home

Treat yourself to a new TV, too   Under-insulated homes and outdated appliances are just two examples of “energy hogs” fattening up on your utility bills, according to Consumer Reports magazine.   The October 2015 issue says there are smart ways to corral your costs:   Make sure your attic is adequately insulated. A typical [...]

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Calculate your possible energy-savings

Here’s a handy tool to use when you consider making energy-saving upgrades for your home. The Home Energy Saver™ calculator, developed for the U.S. Department of Energy, recommends upgrades for better comfort, fewer drafts, lower maintenance costs and improved security and fire safety. It even estimates the home's carbon footprint and shows how much [...]

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AC Sealant saves money, work well on some leaks

Refrigerant AC sealant can offer a great alternative solution when a leak is too expensive or too inaccessible to fix.   Modern sealants worked on a variety of equipment, including rooftop packaged air conditioning units, air conditioning split systems, small refrigerators, commercial refrigerators, walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-in coolers, and ice makers, according to an [...]

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8 tips to cool down your heating bill

Use common sense, smart technology Common sense and new technology can help you hold down your heating costs this winter.   Here are some tips from ASHRAE, an organization that focuses on building systems, energy efficiency, in-door air quality, refrigeration and sustainability.   Set the thermostat at 68 F (20 C) when the house is [...]

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Who rules the thermostat?

Size matters Who rules the thermostat?   Most married couples have fought the battle of the thermostat.   He wants the temperature higher and she wants the temperature lower, or vice versa.   But this debate extends far from the home. Maybe you work in an office where someone else rules the thermostat with [...]

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