You’d be surprised to learn how many HVAC systems are improperly installed because the system is not the proper size for the home.

Statistics show that about 42% of all units installed over the last five years were improperly installed and maintained. What does this mean to you? Wasted energy, increased utility bills and an uncomfortable home.

Think about this:

A 13 SEER Heat Pump operating at 95% efficiency is achieving a 12.35 SEER. Compare that to a 16 SEER Heat Pump operating at 58% efficiency—effectively achieving a 9.28 SEER rating.

In the above example – you paid extra for the SEER rating only to get less because the unit was improperly installed, or improperly matched to your home’s specific needs.

That’s why load calculations are so important to HVAC design. Load calculating is a process that involves properly sizing an HVAC system to ensure its appropriateness for your home.

Load calculation involves:

  • Inspect your home for potential areas of heat loss and penetration (cracks in window panes, areas with substantial sunlight, spaces around door frames, etc.)
  • Measure the total square footage of heating and cooling areas within your home.
  • Accurately determine the most appropriate size equipment for your home using specialized tools and software.
  • Properly installing and adjusting the cooling system.

So what does all this mean to you? A more comfortable home, actual utility bill savings of up to 30% and more money in your pocket. We have customers that have saved so much on their heating and cooling bills with their new system that they all but paid for the new system with just their realized utility savings! Load calculations are very important to optimal HVAC design and are a key component of Freedom’s installation services.

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