Two units – a heat pump and gas furnace – in one convenient package.

Sometimes referred to as a gas pack dual fuel ac, a hybrid heating system offers a wide range of options for Northern Alabama homeowners. These are a great option for older homes since the unit would utilize your existing ducting system (if deemed acceptable). Even newer homes being built today can easily use a dual fuel or hybrid system because the energy savings it provides your home.

Cut Your Heating & Cooling Bills With a Dual Fuel AC or Hybrid Heating System

Dual fuel AC or hybrid heating systems can have a very positive impact on a homeowner’s utility bills. These are environmentally-friendly, highly-efficient systems that use minimal amounts of energy to operate. While they’re primarily electricity-powered, they do utilize gas during the very cold winter months for heating purposes. Regardless of the energy source, however, dual fuel or hybrid systems do not use very much of it.

Freedom provides dual fuel AC and heating systems for homes throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Our service – combined with the efficiency of these systems – are guaranteed to provide you with the utmost in comfort, regardless of the season. Plus, all of our installation and repair services are backed by our unparalleled Worry Free Comfort guarantees.

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