ac-maintenance-600x4001. Clean or replace air filter regularly
Dust, dirt and allergen particles will clog the filter and reduce the airflow, which makes your system work harder than necessary. It also adds dirt to the air that is flowing through the system.

2. Check wiring and components
First, however, turn off the power to the unit. Then remove the access panel on your condensing unit and look for signs of overheating: melted insulation on wires, blackened or burned-looking wires, and the like.

Check electrical connections to make sure they’re tight.
Look at the contactor switch to see if there is excessive pitting.
You can replace the parts yourself or you can call us at Freedom Heating and Cooling to do it for you, safely and economically.

3. Examine thermostat
Is it keeping your home at the right temperature? If you have an older thermostat, consider upgrading to a programmable model that lets you raise the temperature higher when no one is home and cool the house before people return.

This way, your home is comfortable when you are there but it’s using less power when you’re gone.

4. Check condenser unit fan
After you turn off the power to your air conditioner unit, inspect the fan on top of the outside condenser unit. Look for chips or cracks on the fan blades; these may need replacement.

5. Clean the outside unit
Get rid of dirt, leaves and other debris that may have accumulated on it. Also, every spring and fall check to see if you need to trim shrubs or other plants from around your air conditioner to keep them from impeding air flow to and from the unit.


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