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The Ultimate Home Owner’s Guide to Designing an HVAC System

HVAC Design free ebook

Discover  the 9 Steps to building the Ultimate HVAC system. Find out how to buy a Furnace or AC the Right Way, from the right company, for the right price?  Discover how to get everything you want and need  in the budget you can afford! Download the FREE eBook that is 59 pages and design your own Heating and Cooling system.  Use this FREE resource to know why we recommend the system for you or to check your current AC man and put him to the test. This is The Only Comfort System (Furnace and Air Conditioning)  buying guide you will ever need.  Click here to see the Table of Contents.

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How To Guarantee You Never Suffer By Hiring the Wrong Contractor


Never Suffer by Hiring the Wrong Contractor.
Stop Losing Thousands Of Dollars and Days Of Your Life by Hiring the Wrong Contractor.
Know The “Language” Contractors Use to Screen For One That Will Do the Job Right the First Time.
Find Out 3 Must See Tips Show You How To Easily Spot a Good Contractor.
Download this 8 page eBook and start your next project the right way.

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9 Things to Check BEFORE Calling For Service on Your HVAC System

HVAC Service

Read The 9 Point HVAC Inspection Checklist.

9 Easy Inspection Points That Can Save You Multiple Hours and Hundreds Of Dollars On Furnace and AC Repairs. (Hint: These Are The First Things the Repair Technician Will Check).  Download the Free report and get your HVAC system back on track and save yourself a service call.

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The Complete Guide to Understanding The Alabama Power In-Home Energy Check Up


This companion eBook to the Alabama Power Companies’ In Home Energy Checklist is intended to assist you to understand how to conserve energy, how to make your expenditure easier on your wallet, and ultimately decrease your carbon footprint on the planet.  Use this book to make your dwelling a comfortable, secure, and efficient place to thrive. You have invested a great deal of your thought, time, and money into a place for you and your family to live.

Download The Complete Alabama Power in-Home Energy Check Up

Mold Facts to Know About Your Home

Mold Facts

Topics include:

  • What is mold?
  • Where can Mold be found in homes?
  • What kinds of health problems may be linked to mold?
  • What are symptoms and signs of mold allergy?
  • How can mold in the household be prevented?
  • Is it necessary to test for mold?
  • How should mold be cleaned up and eliminated?

Guide to Understanding Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps: How to Stay Comfortable While Controlling Your Energy Costs

What is a Heat Pump?

History of the Heat Pump

Why Should I Have a Heat Pump in Alabama?

How Much Money Will a Heat Pump Save Me on Energy Costs?

What is a Defrost Cycle and What Are the Concerns Related to It?

What is Secondary/Emergency Heat?

What is a Dual Fuel/Hybrid Heat Pump System?

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