Forget any pre-conceived notions you may have about gas furnaces.

Today’s gas packs are not the big, clunky furnaces of old. Modern gas furnaces are actually highly efficient units designed to not only modulate the air in your home but keep your utility bills manageable.

This is because a modern gas packs typically has an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating (AFUE rating) of 80 percent or more. Some gas packs have AFUE ratings as high as 90 (we can order these, by the way!). As with other types of efficiency measurements – including SEER ratings and HSPF ratings – the higher an AFUE rating, the more efficient the gas furnace.

But as we’ve stated elsewhere on this site – Alabama’s hot summers and cool winters offers a challenge to many home owners – picking the right unit for your specific needs. We offer several kinds of popular gaspacks, including:

  • Natural gas fired Gas Pack. If Alagasco is in your neighborhood – this may be a great option for you. Natural gas offers a clean efficient burn – is often less expensive than many other alternatives.
  • Propane fired Gas Pack. This is an excellent option for home owners who have other items in their home powered by a propane tank. The installation is simple – and propane gas packs offer excellent efficiency ratings.

For years Freedom has been helping homeowners throughout Birmingham and Tuscaloosa & the surrounding areas identify the best type of gas furnace with air conditioner for their particular needs. We can help you, too. We offer gas packs with the best possible AFUE ratings, ensuring your furnace will not only provide comfort, but energy-efficiency, as well.

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