Is Winter Affecting Your Heat Pump?

In wintry weather, sometimes a heat pump’s problems are due to Mother Nature and sometimes they’re due to other causes.

The difference: Is the heat pump really blowing cold air or is it just your initial assessment?

When the temperatures dip into the mid-30s, a heat pump will lose some of its heat-making ability but it will still warm the house. It just may not feel that way to you.

The best solution is to take the temperature inside the house and compare it with the air that the heat pump is bringing inside. If you see the heat pump air is warmer than the house air, then the problem is with Jack Frost, who fortunately does not stay long in Alabama.

However, if heat pump is indeed bringing in cold air, there’s a problem.

Actually, it could be one of several problems. They include inadequate refrigerant charge or a system that needs cleaning; a bad valve or compressor; or trouble with the outdoor unit.

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