Heating and Air Conversions

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Consumers interested in saving money on energy bills often consider converting their heating and cooling systems.

While heating and air conversion does present the homeowner with an initial outlay of money and time, the benefits of converting to a potentially cheaper energy source can far outweigh the initial cost and effort surrounding the conversion.

Heating and Air Conversion – Popular Options:

  • Electric to Gas conversion

  • Oil to Electric or Gas conversion

  • The type of heat you currently have

If you’re interested in converting, there are a few things you should consider first. Chief among them:

  • Is natural gas offered in your area?

  • How old is your current heating and air conditioning system?

  • How your heat is currently distributed throughout your home; through baseboards? Radiators? Etc.

The answers to these questions can help better determine whether or not heating and air conversion will be a worthwhile process for you. Fortunately, the experts at Freedom can help you make this determination.

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