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While the South’s reputation is for long, hot summers, very few know that northern Alabama can experience freezing temperatures in the depths of winter. So while you may associate Alabama with heat, you also need to be sure your home has a reliable heating system as well.

Freedom Heating and Cooling meets your winter heating needs with:

Providing Heating Installation, Repair and Maintenance services from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa.

We know that every building is unique, and your specific heating needs vary by the home’s size, layout and occupancy. The experts at Freedom HVAC pride themselves in meeting the comfort needs of all of our customers, so we bring you the very best service possible on every job, no matter how big or small.

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On all heating models and types, Freedom will perform:


When you purchase a new home or repairs are no longer an option, it’s time to start thinking about purchasing a new heating system. Freedom offers a wide array of heating systems to suit your home’s unique comfort needs, providing savings and satisfaction for years to come.

When your heating breaks, you want to fix it as soon as possible to prevent further system damage. Our 24/7 emergency service provides peace of mind and ensures that Northern Alabama will stay covered around the clock.

Heating Maintenance

An unexpected cold snap can test your heating system to the limit. When this happens, you want to make sure your heater can stand up to the test. With heating maintenance from Freedom HVAC, you can be sure your heater will perform flawlessly.


Northern Alabama’s Heating Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

Don’t get left out in the cold! The Freedom Heating and Air team has the heating solution for your home. Our team has the ability to work on any system from a standard forced air heater to a full hydronic in-floor heating system. By training our team on all types and brands of Alabama heating systems, we’re sure that we can keep your home comfortable year round. Need a quote on your heating repair, heating installation or heating service in Northern Alabama? Just call today or contact us using one of our accessible quick contact forms!

No matter what kind of HVAC equipment you have, it should be checked over, cleaned, and maintained at least once a year. The heating system should ideally be inspected in the fall and the air conditioner should ideally be inspected in the spring. Oil-fired equipment should unquestionably receive annual cleanings and maintenance at the start of each heating season.

The following are the most typical warning signs of a heating system issue:

Strange odors: a burnt dust odor is not typical of a heating system that is working properly. If you smell natural gas, leave your house right away and call the emergency number for assistance. 

Thermostat warning: Many of the most recent programmable thermostats have warning lights or flashing lights that let you know when the system needs maintenance or repair.

Unusual noises: A mechanical issue with the system is indicated by any new loud noises or banging, clanging, grinding, or popping sounds.

Zero heat: Cold air being blown by the system is a sure sign that

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