How To Pick The Best Pipes for Plumbing

Ask a plumber which pipe is best and chances are he will answer: “It depends.”

That’s true. The best pipe for your home’s plumbing will depend on its use, the homeowner’s budget and other factors.

Here’s a basic primer on plumbing pipes common in the Birmingham, AL area:

  • Brass plumbing pipes, especially the red brass variety, are longlasting and excellent for resisting rust.
  • Cast iron plumbing pipes are heavier than other pipes. They normally are used underground as the main pipe for water distribution, drainage and sewage.
  • Copper pipes are popular because they are reliable and long-lived, in addition to resisting corrosion. But make sure your plumber is adept at soldering, a necessary skill when installing copper pipes.
  • Galvanized pipes fell out of favor many years ago because they are vulnerable to rust. However, they can be used for “non-potable” water — water that is not of drinking quality but still is useful for other purposes.
  • Pex pipes are growing in popularity because they are so flexible and quick to install, although they may cost more than some other pipes. They are leak-proof but can’t be used outdoors because the sun can damage them. (Pex stands for cross-linked polyethylene).
  • PVC pipes offer a variety of thicknesses and configuration and they can be used for cold and hot potable water and for sewage.
  • Stainless steel pipes are great at resisting corrosion and people like their looks, but they can be costly.

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