Sewer drain clogged? Here’s how to tell

Don’t delay action if your sewer drain is clogged. Otherwise, the clog can lead to health problems for you and your family.

North Alabama has a variety of sewer systems, but there’s a quick way to learn if your problem is coming from the utility that handles your sewage:

  • Check with neighbors and see if they have the same dilemma. If so, the utility needs to be notified as soon as possible.

If you’re the only one with the problem, however, call Freedom for our emergency plumbing services, which will respond quickly.

Our number is (205) 444-4444.

What a clog can do

A sewer clog keeps the wastewater from having any place to go. Instead of the wastewater leaving your system, the clog will send it back into your home’s plumbing system!

Do not use your plumbing until the clog is removed. Using the plumbing will only aggravate the problem and make it spread to other plumbing fixtures.

How to tell if it’s a clog?

One or more of your plumbing fixtures will back up when the line is clogged. A toilet is often the first trouble spot. It may not flush properly or it may gurgle and make other noises when you run water in a sink, washing machine or bathtub.

Wastewater can also enter showers and tubs, even washing machines, definitely a problem you want solved as soon as possible.

The fixtures most likely to clog are on the first floor of a house because they’re closer to the sewer line.

Sewer repair near Birmingham

At Freedom we have the tools and the experience to deal with clogs and all sorts of plumbing problems. As a residential plumbing company, we handle plumbing repairs, remodeling and appliance replacements, including faucets, water heaters, drain cleaning and sewer line replacements. Call us at (205) 444-4444.