Home Service Heating and Cooling Decisions For Your Home or Business

How many times in your life have you suddenly had something mechanical breakdown? Did you wonder exactly who you were going to call to get it repaired? Did you go to the search engines, talk with family, consult with friends, or call the guy recommended by a guy who knew a guy who had talked to a guy?

Have you wanted to understand more completely how to humidify or dehumidify your dwelling or office? Are you sure your HVAC unit is adequate for what you think it should be doing? Are you confident you are getting the most “bang for your buck,” when it comes to energy efficiency?

How do you know that you are getting an appropriately educated and licensed company working on the many different issues that arise from home ownership? Have you been able to foster and develop a trust relationship with service providers here in Alabama and when you call, does a highly skilled, professional come knocking on your door?

All of these are, of course, questions asked by any conscientious homeowner who wants to have a good initial installation or after-market experience. Everybody wants a deal and everyone wants to save money when it comes to mechanical, electrical, and HVAC issues around a home or office area.

What Are Your Options?

When you need something installed or you need some sort of maintenance procedure, what are your options? Back in the day, during the pre-WWII era, folks pretty much made do with what they had. It was common for homeowners to repair things with a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, bailing wire, and some duct tape.

As technology all across the board improved and home ownership became more complicated and time demanding, companies sprung up that installed and maintained the electrics and mechanicals in homes or businesses.  America is now home to many different HVAC, energy saving, maintenance companies that supply the needs of homeowners and business owners in many different areas of expertise. In the 1950s when appliances and electrical controls were being created and installed, companies soon realized a maintenance department would be necessary to provide for the needs of customers.

At the present time, it is possible to tap into an amazing system of resources that will have your problem solved quickly. Auxiliary companies have become referral businesses that get the solution to you. 


The internet company Amazon has expanded into home services. Amazon Home Services allows customers ordering products through Amazon’s website to book a contractor who will install the items being purchased. Amazon also offers to connect customers to independent firms for common services such as automotive repair, HVAC installation and maintenance, home repair, and landscaping services.

The home services niche amounted to over $400 billion in 2016, and Amazon hopes to tap into this market in a big way. Amazon can sell more televisions, appliances, and other home items if they are also providing a way for the consumer to have them installed. This is the primary motivation driving the businesses marketing plan.

The customer may use the same payment method for the installation and maintenance of an item that was used for the purchase of the item. This streamlines things for the company and the consumer. Amazon also offers a “Happiness Guarantee” that ensures good work and refunds if needed.


Ultimate search algorithm Google has expanded its Home Services Division to include Google Home Services Concierge. It is an enhancement to home services and is a sponsored list of providers of home improvement and repair-related services.

The service reveals ads displayed in a box with the words “qualified pros serving (city) in the category you choose. One line of information is included about the service provider and a clickable link. After navigating to the website of that service provider, further decisions can be made.

Latest developments in the Google Home Services Division include a call to action placed at the top of the search results. This call to action states, “call Google to find a trusted” service provider. You may place a call and all providers will have been screened for insurance and quality.

Angie’s List

As of January of 2017, Angie’s List has grown to over 5 million members. This number is actually a 50% increase in membership since 2015. So, as the list has grown so has its offerings and categories of service providers.

At the core of Angie’s List business model are the authentic reviews that are submitted by customers. Last year, over 60,000 people who used Angie’s List service providers submitted an honest review of their experiences.

Angie’s List does several things to ensure their customers are receiving excellent quality and honest recommendations from their company. First, the company does background checks on all service providers and ensures they are in good standing with the BBB and other standardization entities.

All reviews that are submitted are checked through a company named BPA Worldwide. BPA Worldwide is a not-for-profit assurance service provider that was originally started by advertisers 80 years ago. It assures the consumer that the company they are dealing with has met all standards and requirements of government, industry, and organizations. It verifies data, privacy, sustainability guidelines and best practices. It has performed over 2600 audits in 30 countries.

Alabama Power Home Services

You may also be interested in calling Alabama Power to find the contractor you may need for your home or business. Navigate over to https://www.alabamapower.com/residential.html or call 1-844-368-HOME to find out who you need for your issue.

Alabama Power has a myriad of service providers in the Birmingham area and Freedom Heating and Cooling is proud to be one of those approved providers for the heating and cooling industry. Services offered by Freedom include

The world is a fast moving place and 2017 stands to offer some innovative opportunities in the home services sector of the market. Get in touch with Freedom Heating and Cooling through any means convenient to yourself. We are proud to be a completely qualified and insured provider of home services.