Renovating Your Birmingham Home?

Ask these 3 questions:

Here are some important questions to consider when you renovate a home or decide to upgrade your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system:

(1) Which room is the most uncomfortable?

Possible solutions include more insulation and upgraded ducts to reduce leaks and improve airflow.

(2) How can you lower your utility bill?

New technology – Nest thermostats, for example –- and today’s more efficient heating and cooling systems will help. Variable speed heat pumps and good insulation are two ways to cut energy costs and they recoup their cost in fairly short order.

You also should pay attention to the duct system. Airflow and temperature measurements by a trained HVAC technician will tell you if the ducts are operating at peak efficiency or need repairs or changes. Leaky attic ducts may be the reason your system can’t keep your house sufficiently cool on very hot days.

(3) What size HVAC system is best?

The answer will depend on many factors, including your budget and lifestyle and the size and age of the home. Other factors: windows, weather stripping and insulation in the walls and attic.

These can be complicated issues, so make sure you have an HVAC team that is experienced with your type of home.

Freedom Heating and Cooling, a family-owned business, has a staff of trained technicians with a total of more than 200 years of experience among them. We are one of only a few area firms to win Alabama Power’s designation as a Superior Solutions Dealer, which required us to pass rigorous training and win high grades for our products and customer services.

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