Tips on how to fight mold, dirt in system


Dirty ducts might be the problem if your air conditioner isn’t keeping you as cool as you want.


If there’s visible mold or a strong mildew smell, you should check for mold in the air ducts, intake vents, cooling coils and drip pans.


If you can’t see any signs of mold but you can smell something, experts say you should call a professional to inspect your system. Otherwise, mold spores can spread throughout your house as the system blows air across the mold and into the house.  Do not run your air conditioning system, especially if mold is present in your air ducts or near the intake vent, say the experts at www.removemoldguidecom


Condensation and organic material are the main causes of mold in your air conditioning system. Condensation occurs when parts of your air conditioning system get cold, especially if the surrounding air is warm and humid.


Air conditioning systems tend to collect dust in the unit itself and in the air ducts.  Dust contains all kinds of organic material, such as pollen and dead skin cells — fertile ground for mold, particularly when the area is damp.


Removing mold in your air conditioning system can be very difficult because ducts often are hard to reach. That’s why a professional mold removal service may be your best bet.


However, if you want to try cleaning the ducts yourself, there’s plenty of valuable, detailed guidance at


Step 1- Choose a cleaning solution.

Step 2 – Wear protective clothing.

Step 3 – Apply the cleaning solution and scrub.

Step 4 – Clean up and let dry.

Step 5 – Check for signs of mold. Repeat the process if necessary.


To avoid mold and dirty ducts, follow these tips from

  • Change the air filter regularly. It captures fine particles, which can create places for mold to grow.
  • Run a dehumidifier, especially in areas that tend to be damp and cool.
  • Insulate if possible to reduce condensation.


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