The Thermostat Alabama Residents have been waiting for!

Ever try to set up a regular programmable thermostat?

  • They can be complicated for certain and 89% of them still waste about $173 a year on average from poor set up to improper installation.

Meet The Nest Thermostat:

  • The Nest simplifies the “programmable” part of programmable thermostats by learning your temperature setting habits and automatically programs itself for you over time

“The most important day in the life of your Nest Thermostat is the day it is installed.  Get it installed and configured correctly to avoid any damage to your current HVAC system”

Don Johnson – Proud Owner of Freedom Heating and Cooling

new-nest-thermostatFreedom HVAC is a Certified Nest Installer for residents of Birmingham to Tuscaloosa and we would love to help you.

So how much does Nest cost?  The price is the same everywhere.  If you find a Third Generation Nest thermostat for lower be careful of a fake or knock off thermostat (or a service provider who is NOT certified).  Even installation costs are regulated!

Price to low to advertise: Call 205-444-4444 for pricing

The Nest is designed to save you money – and does so in energy savings starting day 1.

However at Freedom we found that simply installing a new Nest Thermostat is not the answer to true energy savings.  If your Heating and AC system is older or in need of maintenance the Nest will only help marginally.  So here’s what we’ve done.  Since we will be in your home installing this fabulous new thermostat we’ll include our Precision Tune Up and Professional Cleaning of your entire AC system for Free!  That’s Right FREE (but only for a limited time!)

Nest Learning Thermostat

Benefits of Nest:

  • Save – Save up to 20% on your heating and cooling bill—which makes up 50% of your home’s energy bill.
  • Peace – Have peace of mind that your thermostat is working your HVAC system as efficiently as possible.
  • Simplicity – Never deal with the complexity of regular programmable thermostats ever again.
  • Relax – Sit back and relax as you control Nest in the palm of your hands.
  • Comfort – Get the perfect level of comfort with minimum energy usage.

Features of the Nest Thermostat:

Auto-Schedule – After a week, Nest programs itself based on what it learned from the temperature changes you made. It’s always learning to adapt to your ever-changing life.

Auto-Away – Nest’s sensors can tell when you’re away and sets the temperature so it’s not heating or cooling an empty home.

The Leaf – Know when you’re being energy efficient when you change the temperature when the green leaf shows up on the screen. The Leaf shows you the way to savings.

Energy History – Break down how much energy you’re using with a detailed energy history. It’ll show you if the weather, Auto-away or your changes affected energy use the most.

Remote Control – Make adjustment to your Nest and view the energy history from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet via the Nest mobile app. Great for when you’re getting home early.

Airwave – Nest saves you even more by turning off your AC early while keeping the fan blowing—keeping you just as cool without the cost.

Sleek Design – With a bright LCD screen with 320×320 display and a solid stainless steel ring that reflects the wall color around it, Nest makes a beautiful addition to your home.

System Match – One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why nest turns on certain features based on the heating system you have, whether it’s a furnace or a heat pump.

Weather Aware – Nest connects to your Wi-Fi to see the current weather and forecasts to understand how the weather is affecting your energy use.

Humidity Sensor – Know what the humidity is in your home, and let Nest control your whole-home humidifier and/or dehumidifier for maximum comfort.

Filter Reminders – Nest tracks how much you’ve used your heating system and reminds you when you need to change your filter—saving you even more.

Multi-Zoning – Up to 10 Nests can be controlled with one Nest account. They’ll work together to maximize your comfort and savings.

Freedom will make installation simple and easy for you by:

  • Removing and recycling your old thermostat.
  • Installing your Nest thermostat (95% of homes can have Nest installed into their home. Ask us for more details).
  • Showing you briefly how to use your Nest thermostat.
  • Connecting Nest to your Wi-Fi network or providing instructions so you can connect it at your convenience.

*3.5 software update includes some of the most requested features. Remember that once you connect Nest to Wi-Fi, it will keep getting better and better.

Sunblock – Now you can install Nest anywhere you want!  With Sunblock, Nest sets and displays the right temperature even when it is in occasional direct sunlight.

Advanced Fan Control – Nest can help keep homes more comfortable by occasionally circulating fresh air. Now you can set your fans to turn on daily or for a few minutes every hour.

Cool to Dry – Nest can now maintain a comfortable and safe humidity level. Cool to Dry considers the temperature, humidity level and thermal profile of a home, then automatically runs the AC to keep humidity below 55%.