Lots of cold weather yet to come to North Alabama.

Maybe your heating system is cranky and you’re hoping that it makes it through winter. Remember that winter in North Alabama isn’t just the month of January with its average dozen or so freezing nights. On average, we will have about 16 more freezing nights before winter gives way to spring.

In February, “On average, the mercury drops to freezing or below on 9.7 nights,” according to the Alabama WX Weather Blog.

And March averages six freezing nights.

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One more note: While March usually ushers in spring, it also can get downright cold, averaging 6.1 days at freezing or below.

“The coldest March reading in Birmingham history was 2 degree Fahrenheit on March 14, 1993. That was the day after the 1993 blizzard, which is also remarkable for producing the city’s biggest snowfall ever, 13 inches at the Airport.”

On the bright side, “The average date of the last freeze usually occurs in mid to late March.”

For a detailed rundown on weather history, check out www.alabamawx.com.