Fake News About Plumbing

Actually, this is not about fake news but more about misconceptions some people have about various aspects of plumbing in their homes.

Let us set the record straight and give you some ideas about how to make your plumbing system work for you:

A faucet leak is no big deal.

Wrong! Left unfixed long enough a leaky faucet will waste enough water to significantly raise your utility bill. It also can stain your sink with residue, not to mention what the drip-drip-drip sound can do to your peace of mind.

It will only get worse over time, so call us if you can’t fix it yourself.

Garbage disposals handle almost everything.

Your disposal system’s life expectancy depends on how you use it, but the typical kitchen garbage disposal lasts 12 years, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

You can help your system and avoid clogs by watching what you put in it. Don’t use your disposal for poultry skins, cooking oils, coffee grounds and vegetables—all potential clog-makers.

It’s OK to flush “flushable” wipes.

Just because the package says flushable doesn’t mean they’re easily flushable.

They take much longer to disintegrate than toilet tissue and they’re much more likely to cause clogs in your plumbing system. Put them in the trash, not the toilet.

“Avoid flushing any type of wipe, ‘flushable’ or otherwise, down the toilet. This will prevent costly clogs and environmentally damaging overflows at your local sewage system,” says livegreen.com, an environment-oriented website.

“In fact, it would be best to avoid disposable wipes completely since they produce waste that should end up in a landfill, and more sustainable alternatives (such as your normal dissolves-quickly-in-water toilet paper made of unbleached recycled paper) exist. But if you can’t let go of your wipes, make sure they are properly disposed of — in the trash.”

Plumbing never changes.

Tell that to someone who bought a house only to find out about the problems with galvanized pipes or lead pipes or underground pipes vulnerable to growing tree roots.

Technology has given us many advances that can make your home’s plumbing safer and more efficient.

For example, if your water bill suddenly rises significantly, you may have a leak that you can neither see nor hear. That’s where technology helps. At Freedom, our master plumbers have cameras and other gear that can quickly find leaks and clogs.

Expert plumbing help is only a phone call away. Call Freedom at (205) 444-4444 and we will respond quickly and efficiently. We can do it all: water leak and clog detection, leaky faucets, sump pumps, water heaters, sewer lines, frozen pipes and more.