If you’ve found this page and have concerns about your reliance on R-22 Freon Refrigerant you’ve come to the right place.  Here’s the problem:

We (all certified Heating and Cooling companies) received a letter last January from DuPont:

jan dupont letter

Unfortunately – this was the start of the supply and demand price increases on getting your systems ‘charged’ up.

Later in 2012 we received another letter – basically the R-22 phase out is beginning in earnest.  The supply is being lowered and the demand is not following suit.  If you’ve had to purchase a ‘charge’ for your system in 2012 you were probably wondering why the price was jumping…

Nov dupont letter

Here we are in 2013 and we are getting more clarification from the EPA and R-22 Producers like Honeywell on what the ultimate goals are for the program.  90% reduction by January 2015 in R-22.  Bottom line… Supply is going down and price will be skyrocketing.

Jan 2013 honeywell letter

What can you do?  If you have a system installed before 2009 you more than likely have R-22.  The most important thing to understand is to find and repair ALL refrigerant leaks now. If you’ve added a pound or 2 of Freon every year – you more than likely have a small leak.  To avoid most costly visits in the future finding and fixing these leaks now will help protect your wallet.

If your current system is more than 10 years old – you are more than likely out of warranty and now may be the best time to consider a free cost analysis and replacement quote from Freedom.

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