A reverse heating system is an all-year-round system that works its magic in different ways depending upon the season.

During summer, a reverse heating system forces warm air out of your home, effectively leaving cooler air behind. But during the winter, the system uses a heat pump to collect air from outside the home and disburse it into your house as warm air. In short – a reverse heating system reverses the type of air that exists inside and outside your home (replaces cold air with warm and vice-versa)

Three Types of Reverse Heating Systems – Which is Right for You?

There are several different types of reverse heating systems. The experts at Freedom can help you determine the one that’s most appropriate for your home.

You can select from…

  • Duct systems, which use a network of ducts to distribute air
  • Split systems, which employ two separate units – an outdoor compressor with additional indoor components
  • Single room systems, which are designed to heat a room, rather than a whole house

But why would should you go for a reverse heating system? Lots of reasons, actually:

  • Save money! Reverse heating systems are highly efficient. This can knock some cost off your monthly utility bills.
  • Help the environment! The systems’ high efficiency means they help, rather than harm, the environment.
  • Long life! A well-maintained reverse heating system can effectively heat and cool your home for many, many years.
  • Dual-purpose! They’re all-in-one systems that can both heat and cool your home.
So if you live in Birmingham…or Tuscaloosa…or Bessemer… or any of the surrounding areas…contact Freedom today to find out how we can install or repair your reverse heating system. We know the homes in this area. We know what it takes to make an HVAC system heat and cool them effectively. And we’ll work hard to make sure your system is doing just that for you! Call (205) 444-4444 today!