Rusty water in your Birmingham home?

Find the cause…

With a little detective work, you can find out why your water looks rusty.

One likely problem: Your public water supply may have corroded pipes, which produce the ionized rust.

Do your neighbors have the same problem? If so, this is a job for the water company to fix.

If not, the problem is within your system.

Time for some quick tests:

  • Run various faucets and see if they all produce discolored water.
  • If only the hot water is rusty, then the problem may be in your water heater.
  • If rust comes only from the cold water faucet, your system probably has a corroding pipe.

What can you do?

You won’t get sick if you drink the water (the only exception is if you suffer from a rare disorder called hemochromatosis).

Still, you want the problem fixed as soon as possible.  Rusty water doesn’t just look bad; it can stain white clothes and sinks and indicate more serious problems in your system.

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