Compressors for air-conditioning units are a little like modern television sets. Sometimes it makes more sense to replace the whole unit rather than repair the broken part. At Freedom Heating and Cooling, we always give customers a rundown of the pros and cons on the question of replace/repair.

Either way, your decision won’t be as much fun as picking a vacation or a new vehicle. A compressor is something you have to have in Alabama, one of those things we seldom appreciate until it breaks.

That’s why we recommend periodic maintenance; it can extend the compressor’s life and spare you major expense.

Cost considerations

The compressor is the engine of your air-conditioner. A replacement compressor and labor for repair may cost more than a brand new air-conditioning unit, as experts note at

There’s another factor to consider: Does your unit rely on R-22, which is currently being phased out of production due to its high potential for global warming. You don’t want to put big money into a system that is facing phase-out.

Some other considerations:

  • You may be eligible for rebates on a new system.
  • A new system will be more energy efficient than a system that’s 10 or more years old.

In any event, we hope that your compressor enjoys a long and productive life. But if it acts up, call (205) 444-4444 and we will give you the facts and the help you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

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