Regardless of the name, split air systems do not split air.

Rather, a split air system is a single air conditioning unit comprised of two pieces of equipment (hence the word “split”). One piece cools the air while the other warms it.

Split air conditioning in Alabama is very common. They are an excellent choice for adding conditioned air to a single room like a 4 season porch or finished attic space. They’re also a great choice for cost conscious home owners who may only need to heat or cool a few room independently. Split air systems are very easy to retro fit into older homes and they are very unobtrusive – meaning they don’t take up a whole window!

What are some of the benefits of split air systems?

Split air systems are highly energy efficient. For one thing, they only turn on when necessary (in order to meet the desired pre-set temperature in a room or area). For another, their smaller fan systems typically use less electricity. Finally, a well-maintained split air system can work efficiently and effectively for up to 20 years.

Can Freedom help me find the best split air system to beat the Alabama heat?

Of course! Not only can we recommend a split air system for your home, we can provide guidance on other systems that may suit your needs. We offer installation services from expert, certified technicians, and stand by our Worry Free Comfort guarantees and warranty’s on both service and equipment.

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