Hot Weather Not Kind to North Alabama Plumbing

Summertime means an extra workout for the plumbing in homes in the Birmingham, AL area.

We tend to use more water in warm weather –- watering lawns, taking more showers and baths – and having cookouts that tax disposal systems, so keep an eye on potential problems.

  • Unused food and cooking grease can jam up disposals and cause clogs. Make sure you use the disposal only for items it’s designed to handle.
  • The roots on shade trees seem to be drawn to water pipes and can push around sewer and water pipes, often affecting bathrooms.
  • Our summers are hot and humid, which can lead to rusty, leak-prone pipes and plumbing repairs. One sign of clogs forming in your system: a drop in water pressure.

If a water pipe is leaking or breaks, turn off the main cutoff valve and call Freedom Plumbing at (205) 444-4444. Our trained, experienced staff will be glad to help you.