AC Condenser Coil Cleaning

A clean and properly functioning condenser coil is of great value to ahomeowne. It helps the system to operate more efficiently and saves dollars in energy consumption.  The following are AC condenser maintenance items to keep in mind.


  • Safety – Disengage power at disconnect, use a full-shield face mask, wear gloves, long sleeves and consult Material Safety Data Sheets for cleaners used.
  • Equipment – Use a pump sprayer, garden hose and or chemical injector. Straighten coil fins with a fin comb.
  • Cleaners – Available in acid, alkaline, detergent and solvent base. Consult with the coil manufacturer for the right cleaner to use.


  • Spray and rinse coil in the opposite direction of condenser airflow
  • Be cautious of nearby objects like flower beds, house siding and automobiles
  • Clean debris from bottom of condenser, make sure weep holes are clear
  • Adhere to the cleaner manufacturer’s specific directions
  • If possible, clean coils after pollen season
  • On commercial work, be sure to clean the second row of double row coils
  • Verify equipment operation prior to leaving job site



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