4 Water Heater Problems

  1. Got a water heater but no hot water? 

    There are a couple possible causes:

    • If you have a gas-powered heater, check to see if the pilot light is out. If so, then the problem is either with the thermocouple or the pilot control valve.
    • If you have an electric water heater and you’re getting no hot water, the heating element may be worn out and need replacing.
    • Or perhaps you’re getting some hot water, but not enough. Check the thermostat and turn it up a notch or two and see if that solves the problem. Be careful, however, and don’t turn the thermostat up all the way because then the water may become painfully hot.
  2. Is your water heater noisy? 

    Your tank may have sediment that is being burned by the heating element. Or the heating element may be burning out.

  3. Does the hot water have an odor? 

    If you smell rotten eggs when you take a shower or washing dishes, the problem probably is bacteria in the water. Flush the tank and put in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. After a couple hours, flush the tank with clear water.

  4. Does the tank leak? 

    This is bad news. You almost certainly need a new tank. Otherwise the leak will continue to cause damage to your home.

It costs around $150-$650 to repair a water heater in Birmingham, AL. However, the cost can fluctuate depending on: 

  • The type of repair. 
  • The plumber’s hourly rate.
  • The cost for replacement parts. 

The cost of a water heater repair can increase if the issue is due to a tank leak or a broken circulator pump. To find out more about getting your water heater repaired, give us a call today

Yes, a water heater should be serviced in Birmingham, AL. If you do not have your water heater serviced regularly, it can become less efficient or break down unexpectedly. If you have hard water, your water heater can also begin to fill up with sediment that can cause it to become less effective. It is good to have your water heater regularly flushed and inspected to ensure that it runs properly. To learn more about getting your water heater serviced, contact us today

The amount of time your water heater will last after it starts leaking in Birmingham, AL can vary depending on how severe the leak is. If your water heater simply has a component that is leaking, the issue may be easily repaired. However, if your water heater has a tank leak, that indicates it needs to be replaced. If your water heater has a leak that is too severe to be repaired, you should have your water heater replaced. To get your water heater repaired or replaced, call us today

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