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Do you have hot water when you need it? If you are taking cold showers and your family is complaining it’s time to call in the experts at Freedom Plumbing for help. We can repair your tank or tankless hot water heater quickly so everyone in your family is happy. Technology and newer models may be more efficient and offer a better long term solution. We’ll help you determine if it will be more affordable to repair or replace your hot water system.

Types of Hot Water Heaters:

  • Tankless
  • Gas
  • Electric

Your Hot Water Heater Repair Experts in Birmingham

Maybe it’s just a little leak but you’ve noticed your water bill costing more on a monthly basis or your old hot water heater isn’t doing the job as well as it use to. If you notice any of these signs your water heater may need some repairs.

  • No or less hot water when taking a shower.

  • Rust color water.

  • Rotten egg odor.

  • Water leak around your hot water heater.

  • The unit is running all the time.

We’ll determine what the problem is, repair it quickly and deliver dependable plumbing service 24/7. Hopefully we’ll be able to extend the life of your hot water system and save you some money too.

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Freedom does not charge for an estimate or a job proposal for water heaters or similar jobs. 

Many water heaters can be repaired. However, when dealing with a repair, it’s a good idea to consider an upgrade. The parts can be hard to find and take a few days to obtain. Many people also choose to upgrade to a larger, hotter or continuous use unit in areas with problems such as an inadequate hot water supply.

Water heaters can last up to 18 years when flushed annually and when there is water filtration before the heater. Many only see 10-12 years due to lack of maintenance. In areas like Alabaster, with heavy lime or calcium in the water, you’ll typically see even fewer years of service.

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