Water Leak Detection & Plumbing Services

How can I tell if I have a water leak in my home? What can I do if my water bill keeps increasing? How do I find my main water supply valve to turn off my water in my home?

Your Local Water Leak Detection Plumbers in Northern Alabama

If you are asking yourself these types of questions you may have a water leak. Water leaks happen all the time in the Birmingham, AL area. The first thing people notice is their water bill is increasing and they cannot figure out why. Over 90% of the time it’s a water leak somewhere in or around your home.

Don’t risk serious damage to your home or property and leave fixing and finding the water leak up to the pros. Contact our local leak detection specialist at Freedom Plumbing today and avoid costly damage to your property!

Types of water leaks in the Birmingham, AL area include:

Technician was real professional and a great job in finding the leak. Everyone associated with the job were great in performing their jobs.

Charles R.
  • Slab Leak

  • Irrigation

  • Sewer Line

  • Water Supply Line

  • Drains & Pipes

  • Faucet, Shower & Tub

  • Toilet

  • Pool & Fountain

  • Plumbing Fixtures & Seals

  • Frozen Pipes

The Most Costly Type of Leak is a Slab Leak

If your home is built on a slab, leaks can damage the foundation over time. They can be caused by rain and running water over time. Over time your home’s slab can crack and lets water into the slab. If these slab leaks are if not taken care of quickly it can cause serious and costly damage.

Water leaks are not always noticeable or obvious. If your home is over 15 years old the main water lines that move water from one area of your home to the other areas could be showing their age and wear. When this happens the slab and the leak need to be repaired by certified professionals.

Think You Have a Hidden Water Leak?

Check the following in and around your home if you feel that you have a water leak.

  • Sewer backup.
  • Puddles of water in a room in your home that cannot be explained.
  • You see your water bills increasing unexpectedly.
  • Soil erosion in and around your home’s foundation.
  • Flooding near the structure of your home not caused by rain.
  • Moisture on concrete that darkens or takes longer to dry.

Whether it’s a small leak that you are just noticing or a potentially costly slab leak to your home, Freedom Plumbing is prepared to help you with your home plumbing needs.

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Water leaks can be tricky. Different causes require different approaches to correct them. Is the leak from the supply water, or a drain? When’s it’s a supply line, find a ‘stop’ or a valve to turn off the water. When it’s a drain issue, you must completely clear a clog to have a sustained solution, not just clean the mess, or else the problem will return.

The first level of detection is checking whether the leak is fresh supply water or drain or waste water. After that, our plumbers know where to look next.

Insurance policies vary, however, plumbing problems are not usually covered. Water damage itself may be covered. Most policies talk about “not covering rising water”, which means water flooding into a home is not covered unless you have a specific “flood” policy.

To prevent pipes from freezing, you should start with keeping the crawl space or basement area above 32 degrees. You can do this by closing vents, windows and doors during the winter. Next, you can insulate the exposed lines to slow the freezing process. Lastly, you can leave your faucet dripping during freezes.